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  1. Coronavirus

    Not even sure it's this century
  2. Coronavirus

  3. Funny pictures thread

  4. Bruce Manager of NUFC

  5. Coronavirus

  6. I thought that Gordon Taylor twat was meant to be retiring, but he's still there picking up his £2 million for doing fuck all.
  7. The Great Self Isolation Trivia Quiz 2020.

    4. Gosforth 8. Walker 11. Scotswood 15. Lemington 13. Concord 18. Yarm 21. Longbenton 23. Cowgate
  8. Coronavirus

    I wonder if Phil the Greek will put in an appearance?
  9. https://www.football365.com/news/feature-premier-league-player-wage-cut-matt-hancock Worth a read
  10. Coronavirus

    I see the internet loons are saying that 5G caused the virus.....
  11. Coronavirus

  12. Coronavirus

  13. mackem messageboard gold

    Arms like Pickford, pockets of a clown
  14. Coronavirus

    a better option than this
  15. Funny pictures thread

    Knock yourselves out https://www.youmeandcoldwarsteve.com/
  16. mackem messageboard gold

    Released on All Fools Day, apt somehow.
  17. Coronavirus

  18. Coronavirus

  19. Coronavirus

    On a lighter note...

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