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  1. if you heard a joke today, post it

    How does a mathematician deal with constipation? He works it out with a pencil.
  2. Euro 2012 Catch-all Thread

    Does anybody else sick of the media constantly licking balotelli's arse? Going on about how special he is. He's not!
  3. What mood are you in and why?

    Sad. Older woman at work who I just can't stop thinking about!!!
  4. Tony Hawk HD

    Those were the days
  5. Recommend me a good restaurant in Newcastle

    Went to that Fat Buddha last week. The new one where linkers used to be. Absolutely delicious, the general theme is Asian fusion, had the crispy duck salad and honey pepper chicken. I highly recommend it.
  6. Chris Hughton- classy as ever

    Norwich to hold press conference 14.30, to name Hughton as a manager according to ssn
  7. pair of boat shoes from topman, going on holiday to lanzarote so thought i'd get a pair of summery shoes!!
  8. General Random Conversation..

    Thanks for the responses, I was talking to my boss the other day and he reckons these are the best years of my life, why spend them at home?! I'll give it some thought, and start saving my money for either one. I'll let you know what happens.
  9. General Random Conversation..

    I have a dilemma, a nice dilemma, but still one nonetheless. This thread said general conversation so seems appropriate. I go to Uni at northumbria but live at home with my parents, which isn't the best. Anyways a few months ago me and a couple of friends who are away at uni thought it would be cool to go to asia for a few weeks, thailand, vietnam etc. but the plan fell through despite me buzzing my tits of the thought of it! So recently I got in touch with a mate and he wants to move out and get a flat with me somewhere around heaton/jesmond. I thought definitely! So i've started to save for this only now it comes out that the trip to asia is back on!!! I can only afford one. Do I move out and hope the grass is greener on the other side, or go to asia for a month and come back to living at home? Or just do neither and renew my season ticket
  10. NUFC summer transfer activity thread

    Hey! Roeder was immense!!
  11. McLeish sacked

    Whats the odds that they'll try and poach Hughton?
  12. McLeish sacked

  13. FIFA 12

    Quick question, those that play UT team, how much do you think you've spent on packs? Just curious, i go through spells where all I can think about is where my next jumbo pack is coming from.
  14. Newcastle United season 2012-2013

    Really looking forward to next season, coming off the back of the Euro's. Bring a couple of players in to strengthen our current squad, be interesting to see what happens regarding other teams spending, can see the usual teams spending shit loads, will be an exciting campaign but unsure if we will finish above Chelsea/liverpool/spurs
  15. Avengers, absolutely amazing. I watched the other marvel films last week in preparation. Was so much better than I thought it was going to be
  16. FIFA 12

    In other news 85 IF Cisse came out yesterday
  17. FIFA 13

    When messi and Mertesacker are chasing the same ball and Mertesacker wins the race.
  18. FIFA 12

    Would fit nicely In your Newcastle squad I imagine
  19. Other clubs summer transfer activity thread

    Perhaps after Barcelona's latest problems, Mr Gareth Bale might think he's better than that!
  20. FIFA 12

    How much you want for him?
  21. New Kits 2011/12

    Regarding football shirts I'm more of an Inter man myself, always have been
  22. FIFA 12

    What's the bets Cabaye will have a new in form, after his belter against Stoke?
  23. Newcastle United v Stoke City

  24. Decent Restaurants in Newcastle

    Dabbawal, is that the 'street food' place? I've noticed it when I got to the Bacchus for a post match pint
  25. FIFA 12

    Yeah, I've got villa on the left and 84 Ben arfa on the right, loves the cut

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