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  1. Hilarious how Dyer was next to the microphone. Not only did you hear him scream but Cabaye said are you ok and all you hear is essentially 'naaaaa bruv' .
  2. I quite like 442 and used to subscribe but the price keeps going up as do the number of adverts inside
  3. Getting a bit sick of this maroon away kit I must say
  4. I agree with Keegan (both as player & manager), but with Ashley in charge there is more chance of a Souness statue going up! I'd like us to name the East Stand, have done for years.
  5. It's not over yet but I can't help but think if we'd played this game in December we'd have lost 1-0
  6. Cabaye's corners and free kicks are so poor
  7. “@rickygervais: Heard a rumour that the Pope was fired. DEFINITELY untrue. What the fuck could you possibly do to get fired from the catholic church?”
  8. A job voted for and elected by a bunch of doddery old men, real progress shown by the Catholic Church. Wonder how old and conservative the next guy will be?
  9. Ally


    Surprised Alan Brazil hasn't flown over yet
  10. Exactly, MYM must know he's down to be 1st choice next season. Just hope we can sign another defender to replace Colo to ensure Williamson stays away...
  11. Full quotes on nufc.com make interesting reading. Most of it seems sensible except the bit when he says they've replaced Ba?
  12. Ally

    Steve Black

    Also when Sir Bobby suggested bringing Mourinho in as his assistant, Freddy Shepherd and Douglas Hall 'were pissing themselves' saying he'd totally lost the plot if he thinks an interpreter could be the next manager of NUFC....!
  13. Ally

    Steve Black

    Well if anyone is interested we had a couple of hours with the big man yesterday. Spoke a lot of sense, went on a bit and seemed a bit pissed but on the whole was good. Told a few stories, said Keegan was a terrible coach and we'd have won the league if he hadn't got sucked in to the media and it stopped the team enjoying themselves. Said Andy Cole was sold as his attitude was appalling. We'd lose 3-2 but if Cole had scored both he'd be buzzing in the dressing room afterwards. Said KK saw Ferdinand as a much better character for the dressing room. Spoke a lot about rugby too, his t
  14. Interesting debate this. We've had something similar in our family. My wife's Grandma died about a year ago (quite young at 60) and her Grandad was really lonely afterwards. He made friends with a transgender guy called Mark who likes to be known as Kate. This friendship has now developed to the point where him and Kate are a couple. His son (my father in law) now refuses to talk to him saying he's disrespecting his Mum's memory etc. all really sad, especially as he is so much happier now to have some company and quality of life again. Kate is really nice and whilst not the most convincing
  15. Link on the Sun website of Simpson getting knocked out at the weekend after getting mouthy in a takeaway. Debuchy must be having sleepless nights about him taking his place....
  16. Perch will play, Tiote has played by default for most of the season it's time he fought his way back in the team.
  17. My point exactly, she was waiting for dialogue that never came!
  18. When was the last time we came from behind to win a PL game? Honestly can't remember!
  19. I went with the Mrs and her Gran. Her gran afterwards said 'what was all that about with the prisoner at the start?'. Clearly either slept all the way through or was waiting for some dialogue in between songs to get her back on track
  20. Exactly. Clearly we are buying players at an age where they have re-sale value but that to me is just good management. No point throwing cash at 29 year olds to see them leave on a free. People don't trust Ashley but you can't accuse him of mAking us a selling club. Plus, who on earth would take Carroll and his money over some of our buys in the last 18 months?
  21. Went to see Les Mis today, thought it was brilliant. Got some major Hugh Jackman bromance going on
  22. Ally

    Xisco - Gone!

    I've never even seen a Xisco YouTube compilation. At least with Luque he had once resembled a footballer
  23. Ally

    Steve Black

    My work have hired him as guest speaker at our conference next week. Heard great things from his time with NUFC and Falcons, anyone been to one of his talks before?
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