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    Demba Ba

    I think if we'd got £7m Ashley would have been much more inclined to push for De Jong, which would have only meant a cash outlay of 3-4m
  2. Ally

    Demba Ba

    How pathetic from his agents. I'm not convinced any of this is from Ba himself he's just made the mistake of having a merry brigade of advisors like Anelka did. Pisses me off how at Man Utd etc they rotate the squad and no one grumbles. Like Pardew said, RVP was rested on Saturday and it won't be the first time. Ba and co have got to get it in their heads that it isn't being dropped its rotated. If he thinks he can angle a move to a 'big' club then he's in for a shock as 3rd choice striker
  3. It's probably Del Boy logged on as the official account
  4. Who is this Steve Wraith character? He looks like Pondlife on his twitter picture
  5. It's not bad but why do our kits constantly rotate between black dominated and then white? (have done for years not just Puma)
  6. Annoys me when idiots like Guillem Bageuele (sp?) says anyone who thinks Spain are boring are just jealous. No dick head, not jealous in the slightest just want to watch a good football match, not death by 1000 passes. I'm all for 'carpet football' but it's like they actually don't want to score
  7. Ally


    Not sure if anyone has said it above, but Jack Wilshere (assuming he recovers from his injury) is the closest thing we have to a Pirlo. We can build a team around him and ensure shite like Parker never see the 3 Lions again
  8. Colin is a harmless follow tbf. I've just unfollowed nufcfans, decent in the season when I wasn't at a match as they gave regular updates. Pre season has meant daily rubbish and a false sense of importance. Twitter for me is a news and football feed so I just try and keep it to reputable journalists, supplemented by a few more lighthearted ones. I added someone called TransferNewsCen after a FF, they've got 40k followers for simply copy and pasting news stories. Again there's this false authority feeling going around, it's just some spotty teenager without much of a social life who has dedicated his life to hourly tweets copying news of teamtalk!
  9. Ally


    Bump....because the football is boring. Just under 6 months to go and the costs are being managed well but including a 3 honeymoon travelling around America is going to cost about £19k. Starting to look forward to it now although I think i'm being very 'male' and being very laid back about the organisation. She isn't massively organised at the best or times so this is going to be a last minute thing I can just sense it! Anyone have any advice for good quality Groomswear? Me and my groomsmen/dads don't really live near each other so I could do with a national company where they can go into their local and get measured up etc.
  10. The Dragon tattoo trilogy filled my last holiday well. I've just finished Lee Child - Killing Floor and Jeffrey Archer - Only Time Will Tell, both excellent
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if the FA just assumed Forster was Scottish
  12. No - I think as NUFC.com pointed out there is a risk of other players suddenly demanding parity and suddenly the wage bill either rockets or they leave. Before his broken leg I was a big Smith fan at Leeds and Man Utd, thought he was excellent up front and did a decent job in midfield. He's been utterly hopeless for us though, still can't believe he didn't score - did he even come close?'
  13. Not like us to sign an injured player is it?
  14. It'll be fascinating what happens to Di Matteo now. Surely got to be given a chance but equally it's ridiculous that if they had lost that shootout he'd have been sacked.... 'AVB' must be gutted that his assistant 'RDM' has been successful. On that note I fucking hate it how the media call him AVB
  15. If I'm at work I'll probably drink about 6-7 (I'm usually in the office for 10-11 hours) and then 1-2 when I get home in the evening.
  16. Ally


    I complained to Natwest after a similar call, but they refused to call themselves anything except 'your bank'. When I said what bank they just wouldn't answer. Alarm bells rang so I told them to piss off and rang their fraud line only to find out that is how they introduce themselves on the phone! I got a letter saying my complaint was unfounded....!
  17. Pisses me off that the media / fans elsewhere mock us for having affection for Keegan and Shearer. Yet the Liverpool fans forced Hodgson out clambouring for a man who had not managed in 10 years+. They are fucking deluded and now they've all gone quiet. These Americans don't really seem too switched on so they'll probably appoint some muppet with a big reputation who will fail miserably (Jaques Santini at Spurs style)
  18. Good post Baggio. Things were going well until he sacked Robson then he genuinely seemed lost how to turn it around. Souness, Roeder and Allardyce, say no more.
  19. Seems this Charles Green was behind the Proactive Agency - were they the ones who had an office at SJP?
  20. Can't the old man just retire? After the few health problems he's had why on earth would you throw your time/energy/money at that?!
  21. All this talk of selling players for silly money. As much as I rate Krul, Cabaye and Ba I don't think anyone would pay £20m+ for them after 1 season. Someone might, but who? The only one I can see leaving is Tiote who would be immense at Man Utd
  22. Maybe the club can release a statement saying Lee Ryder talks utter nonsense as well.
  23. Did Kompany really only cost £6m? What a signing. Iirc they signed him as a defensive midfielder
  24. Apologies if already mentioned but why is 'King Kenny' wearing a scruffy tracksuit? It's the Cup Final and he's like an old man in Benidorm
  25. Downing and Enrique have been really poor. Doesn't feel like a cup final at 5.15 does it?
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