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  1. Bigi looks decent but he wasn't bought to start 10 games by January. Marv has played well but can you really see him and Obertan being up for today? Brighton will be buzzing and it will just bypass them both IMO
  2. Krul, Anita and Santon aside that is an awful team (but I agree that will be the XI)
  3. Everton are a quality side but we were appalling. The missing players would make a difference but there was enough talent out there to do something with the game other than launch it to Shola ffs
  4. Ally

    Demba Ba

    Disappointed he is going but I will reserve judgement until Feb as to whether we have made a monumental fuck up. Hopefully our other key players, HBA Cabaye etc see this as a one off, agent led deal rather than the beginning of the end
  5. Excited for Debuchy, when did we last sign a good right back?!
  6. Ally

    Demba Ba

    Pricing himself out of a move anywhere at the moment, but I think the 'we'll talk to other clubs' line is probably bollocks to force Chelsea's hand
  7. Ally

    Demba Ba

    Yes but surely the clause is only activated if a £7.5m bid is made? Unless there is another clause that lets his entourage speak to whoever they like....
  8. Ally

    Demba Ba

    Does this not represent tapping up? Surely they are having talks without permission from NUFC?
  9. I went to San Francisco for 3 nights in November and was quite disappointed. I had heard from a lot of people how amazing it was so perhaps my expectations were too high. Would have made a good day out but by the 3rd I was bored of it.... New York is awesome though
  10. Who is Steve Wraith? Keeps coming up on my Twitter feed and seems to give it the big I am. His name rings a bell but can't think where from? (Ps I live in Leeds these days so he could well be some Look North character)
  11. I read that Team of the Year could only be won by a sport, ie GB Cycling rather than the entire Olympic squad?
  12. What's happened to Cisse? Looks more like Shola these days.
  13. Crossing has been appalling today. Why does Jonas never get subbed off?
  14. We talk about it not being fair on fans, but this clearly benefits the fans in smaller countries who are never going to be able to host a tournament. If I lived in somewhere like Croatia I'd be buzzing. While it might be an inconvenience to us Brits you've got to see it from UEFA's perspective whose job is to serve European football, not just pussy foot around the big few.
  15. Getting off planes. Why do people take so long to pick up a bag from the overhead? Always some idiot blocking the aisle while they rearrange the contents of a bag
  16. Quite nervous ahead of this one i can see Johnson & McLean doing well against our full backs. 1-1
  17. His phone number was on his page as well cue a LOT of abuse!
  18. Bit harsh on Kirkland tbf you probably would fall over if it came as a surprise like that.
  19. Rodgers comes across as very David Brent during this documentary doesn't he? His team talks just sound like bollocks no one looks remotely inspired listening to him. I wish we could do something similar with AVB who must just blind the Spurs team with made up isms.
  20. Agree Parky. Just no creativity. Tiote and Jonas (and Bigi from what I've seen) are all good players in their own right but are never going to create goals for you. We must play 4-3-3 and use Cabaye as the attacking of the 3. Name me a successful team in the PL who play 4-4-2
  21. I'm not naive to think we wouldn't sell a player if a big offer came in but I'm getting a bit sick of people moping saying we're going to sell Krul, Tiote etc. The only player we've sold that has the capability to better themselves elsewhere is Carroll and as we all know £35m was far toog good to turn down. And if we do sell a player, big deal? That's football, players come and go it doesn't make you a selling club.
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