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  1. Going to make more time to post on here again. Will be good to see some names from 10 years or so ago that I remember speaking to on here and some new ones!
  2. Just seeing him standing over a free-kick or corner would bring back so much optimism.
  3. Because there's nowt I can do about it and I've no interest in running or investing in a football club.
  4. Is that the only line people have if you don't think the NUST will be a success, "well why don't you do something about it"?
  5. Give over man. It's funny cos i said the same thing over on N-O yesterday. Great minds.... I love how being sceptical or against a potential new investor makes you "pro Ashley" and "worse than a Mackem". I remember seeing a snippet from the NUST a few months back saying they were a bit sceptical about Barry Moat's credentials. Does this make them pro-Ashley? Bollocks man.
  6. It's more a criticism of the NUST than defending Ashley. Like I say, I want him out, and agree with the idea in principle, but they need better people running it without pathetic little digs like that and using "hearsay".
  7. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/nufc/newcas...72703-22755062/
  8. how much is that again? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/...relegation.html
  9. Even if it turns out Ashley is somehow taking £7m from the club a month, which I still don't believe, I'd love to know how that's "profit" after the amount he's put into easing the debts.
  10. Of course he'll need it. Just as every single owner/board member/chairman up and down the country does, and I'm sure he knows this and is prepared for it. Would have been naive for anybody to start something of this scale and not expect criticism or scepticism, and after reading Peasepud's posts on here over the years I'm sure he's ready for it.
  11. If he is turning a profit of £7m a month, then nobody would have stuttered over a £100m buyout of the club.
  12. "the other side of the argument (ie the club) make statements of way worse than this each day yet dont get the kind of ridicule the Trust does" Give over, course it does. Some of the statements Ashley & Llambias have put out on the official site or newspapers have bordered the ridiculous and have been roundly slated. The NUST are putting themselves in a position where they want to take their places in running the club, so are obviously going to come under scrutiny and criticism if they come out with things like that, or does the "We've put a lot of hard work and are at least trying to
  13. I think the idea in principle is brilliant. Would be idealistic and fantastic to think something like this could happen. Something of this scale though would be hard work even if I had confidence in the people in charge of it knowing what they were doing, nevermind a bunch of people who seem to be shooting themselves in the foot with every statement they make. Think it's very misleading releasing an e-mail saying Ashley is making £7m a month. That could very easily encourage people who don't know much about finance or whatever to pump in £100s or even £1000s because they've got this, "anyo
  14. I'm talking about the "clowns" running the show that come out with drivel saying, "we're not wanting to get into a slanging match with Ashley but...." and then come out and release statements with rubbish like we're making £7m profit a month.
  15. Haha, nope. Sooner he's out the better...just not to these clowns.
  16. Think I've seen Burdisso play once this season, away to Anorthosis and he was dreadful. Was at fault for both goals.
  17. Not half the player that Robert was for us. Your right there i was only making the comparison cos robert left after letting his gob go then pretty much vanished into the ether To be fair, Robert was 30 when he left, and with the odd exception, there's not many top-class wingers beyond that age. N'Zogbia is 22...I'd say Bernard's career would be a better comparison.
  18. I think the club are trying to keep him, they wouldn't have bothered offering a new contract if they didn't want him. Some of the reactions of the fans however is a bit disappointing.
  19. http://www.corrieredellosport.it/Notizie/C...castle%3F%C2%BB Just reporting what The Sun has said, but one or two Inter fans drooling at the prospect of an Ibrahimovic/Owen strike partnership.
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