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  1. I think a lot of the relegated clubs normally just freeze season-ticket prices on account of the extra 4 homes games a season.
  2. And when he walked changes were made by that structure to correct the reason(s) for him walking. Thats why he came back, the board then had good enough sense to see that he was more important to the club than them. I was talking about when we became a PLC in '97 and Dalglish came in.
  3. And you also forget that Keegan walked out last time because he didn't feel he could work under particular conditions...a setup which you hail and eventually got us back into the top-five and the Champions League.
  4. thats exactly my take on it too. I'm not sure how it would have damaged his reputation mind, not that that should have been a factor anyway. Had he stayed and it did turn out he was working under unworkable conditions as everyone seems to be making out, he'd have been lauded by the fans for putting the club first and continuing through it.
  5. Whether he was right or wrong to walk, whether the "regime" was right or wrong, even with a clash between the two I still think had Keegan not walked, we'd be at least 7th in the table now imo.
  6. Optimistic Nut


    Souness & Tugay lined-up to replace him according to the Mirror.
  7. Not in the slightest and I think anyone that gives a manager grief for wanting the best is mental. I cant see how a tribunal could rule in favour of the club because the manager was proven to want to buy top players, that still doesnt make it right to buy over his head. Yes, but if Keegan's walked because we couldn't get them, then a) how pathetic is that? and b.) could you blame Ashley for letting Wise, Jimenez, etc. go for more realistic signings?
  8. Unlike Allardyce, who walked away with a fortune. That's what this tribunal's all about though isn't it? If KK's in the right, then by all means I think he's more than entitled to the £8m or whatever it is that makes up his salary from now until it expires. If however, the tribunal rules in the club's favour in that he walked away in breach of contract, he deserves naff all.
  9. Poor bloke flew all the way out to Colorado this week to meet the legendary Dr Richard Steadman...only to discover when he got there that Steadman had injured his arm in a skiing accident that weekend so wouldn't be able to operate.
  10. Only Man City, Inter, Villa, Fiorentina & Zenit outspent them.
  11. SSN said about 10 minutes ago that Sunderland were the 6th biggest spenders in world football under Keane.
  12. Would love to know the facts but I'd imagine we were in the top division more than Sunderland in those years. NUFC...SAFC .2nd .....1st...........1980-1 .2nd .....1st...........1981-2 .2nd .....1st...........1982-3 .2nd .....1st...........1983-4 .1st.......1st...........1984-5 .1st.......2nd..........1985-6 .1st.......2nd..........1986-7 .1st.......3rd...........1987-8 .1st.......2nd..........1988-9 .2nd.......2nd..........1989-90 .2nd .....1st...........1990-1 .2nd.......2nd..........1991-2 .2nd.......2nd..........1992-3 .1st.......2nd..........1993-4 .1st.......2nd.
  13. Would love to know the facts but I'd imagine we were in the top division more than Sunderland in those years.
  14. Strachan to Sunderland, Keane to Celtic?
  15. Yeah they lack something up front, but they seem tight at the back.
  16. Must be better than the Teletubbies effort they've had recently.
  17. You sure about that? Because ironically he almost always used to have number 1 at club level (like he did at ManU for example), and 16 for France (probably kept it after being Bernard Lama's number two when he was first selected). Anyway I've just remembered a good current example... Bordeaux's first choice keeper Ulrich Ramé (who lives just a couple of streets away from me thought I'd add) wears 16. I'm pretty sure anyway...maybe wrong. Although Jeremie Janot at St-Etienne is basically a Barthez "Mini-Me".
  18. Yeah, first time I'd ever seen it was when we played Monaco in the UEFA Cup and Barthez was playing in that match.
  19. Miles off topic Matt M4, but I've been wanting to ask this for ages and Ketsbaia's shiny head has just prompted me there, but why do a lot of keepers in the French League wear number 16 and those short-sleeved shirts? Surely they're not all sad enough to copy Barthez are they?
  20. Just checked my account and I was charged the £47.95, so filled out the cancellation form. Luckily it's refundable anyway.
  21. I bet the advertising board he's eyeing up is absolutely sh*tting himself.
  22. Forget your tracksuit managers, and your suit and ties with the club crest emblazed on the front, THIS is how a Premiership manager of the future should dress on a matchday.
  23. Surely then if he's serious about selling, it's in his interest to settle the case asap........... unless he's notafter selling.Oh cynical me! But I've been told by everyone that Ashley only bought the club for a quick-sell?
  24. So are you seriously telling me that if Keegan came out to the press, and said, "I left because the club were trying to sell players above my head", and it was the truth, that Ashley could sue him? Doubt it like.
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