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  1. 4-1, good header by Fletcher.
  2. Not sure, but very good goal from Gamba there. 2-1. Rooney makes it 3-1.
  3. True. Although people have been whinging about his media silence, there's been 2 direct quotes in the last 4-5 days where he hasn't really said a great deal wrong, the latest interview obviously tounge-in-cheek, and still people moan.
  4. Well I don't see much difference between the two? Ashley bigs up Kinnear saying he's better than Capello, O'Neill bigs up Young saying he's as good as Messi & Ronaldo. Doubt Villa fans criticised MO'N for that even though it's not true.
  5. Ashley Young is as good as Messi & Ronaldo don't you know. Obviously Martin O'Neill's just taking the p*ss out of their fans there.
  6. He'll have said it, but would have meant it in as much as Keegan really believed Smith & Duff were crucial to us and would be good once fully-fit/had a run of games in their proper positions.
  7. That Sonko bloke who took the throw-ins late on against us could take a half decent throw-in himself!
  8. I like this idea actually, put a relegation release clause of £10m or so in his contract, should keep him happy Nah, I just meant if we go down this May, he can go for Free. After that it'll just be his regular contract.
  9. I bet Big Sam's relishing the prospect of a few thousand Newcastle fans giving him stick at this one.
  10. Put a clause in the contract which says if we go down, then we'll tear up the new contract and he can go for Free anyway. That way nobody loses, we give him a new contract and if we go down, then we would have lost him for Free anyway had he not signed the contract, and it also means Owen's not concerned about signing a new 4-year contract or whatever and then end up being stuck in a team who's been relegated.
  11. I'd imagine Arsenal had some sort of hefty sell-on clause included in the deal as well.
  12. David Craig on SSN now saying he hasn't rejected the offer and that his advisors are still looking at the contract.
  13. I'd like to see him play for the next 20 games on the trot or more and then enter into a new contract," he said. "The most important thing is that he's available for selection every week and we can control it." "Whether that means we lose him at the end of the day or not is non-negotiable because if it happens it happens but we want to see him fit, playing and scoring on a regular basis.
  14. We should have had Owen tied down at the beginning of last season but Allardyce wanted him to prove himself that season first before offering anything...begs belief really.
  15. Do you think Blackburn would have stayed up had they not sacked him?
  16. Fair enough, so how do we know that when Wise & Ashley were saying, "Keegan has final say on transfers", etc. they weren't doing it to say the diplomatic thing and with the good intentions of the club in mind?
  17. I actually think he'll go on a free. And if he does, I'm guessing he'll be the most expensive player ever to move on for nowt. I think Mendieta has that honour. £22m from Valencia to Lazio, then to Barca on a Free iirc.
  18. Weren't we linked with him under Allardyce?
  19. How about a nice topical one... "Rob, rob, wherever we may be, We love train and bank robbery. We're the Hole-In-The-Wall, Watching the Toon play football, Now we're related to Butch Cassidy."
  20. It's like on FM when you get the sack and you keep declaring your interest in every job going, to the point where the in-game media tell you that you're just sounding desperate.
  21. Totally agree and as SLP says, there is already a statue at Portman Road. The FA should recognise him in some way for what he has done for football and the English game in general. What he achieved at NUFC was only a small proportion of what he achieved elsewhere perhaps but then the same can be said of Keegan, Shearer, Beardsley and others over the years. Of the people this football club should recognise in some way, he has to be up there amongst them. IMO the list should be: Stan Seymour Snr Jackie Milburn Joe Harvey Sir John Hall Kevin Keegan Sir Bobby Robson Both Bear
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