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  1. 4 points off 18th, 5 points off 6th. Are we in danger of having a decent season afterall?
  2. Win and we're 12th a few points off 7th, lose and we'll probably finish the weekend back in the relegation-zone. Big game for both clubs. I reckon we'll win it 2-0.
  3. Barton's out until March and Kinnear's confirmed he's after a midfielder next month. Think there could be some mileage to this one.
  4. Yeah would be a good signing imo. Think Pompey will definitely be in for him as well.
  5. How's that? If he wins the case then everything was true, so he can say whatever he wants about what happened.
  6. It was Souness that brought Terry Mac back, not Big Sam.
  7. The media don't like the fact that things look as if they're settling down here now, results going ok, Owen offered a new contract, etc. so looking to shit stir once more, and going by some of the reactions, they're succeeding again.
  8. And walk off with 2 years of Sky TV money, gate receipts, advertising and corporate cash stuffing his pockets while leaving a hideous fucking shambles in his wake with an ugly 50ft long Sports Direct sign emblazoned across it. Eh? How do you figure that one out? The only money Ashley will walk away with is the £250m the new people pay him. That money you've mentioned will still be in the club's accounts, not Ashley's.
  9. Owen apart, I don't think our wage bills would be that much difference to those two clubs. The likes of Campbell, Distin, James, Crouch, Defoe, Lauren, Johnson, Bowyer, Dyer, Bellamy, Neill, etc. will be on huge contracts.
  10. Yep, definitely a more attractive proposition.
  11. West Ham & Portsmouth have much smaller incomes than us, smaller stadia, managers on long-term contracts who'll cost a lot of money to replace if need be and are in serious debt, whereas the only debt we have is around £40m on transfers still owed out which you get at every club anyway, a good infrastructure, the knowledge that they'll be welcomed straight away by the fans because they're desparate for their current owner to leave, and are in a position where in May they can appoint whoever they want without paying any compensation, or if they buy us before then, won't have to pay much to
  12. Both of them are in a pretty crippling position financially, we're pretty sound.
  13. How many chances do you want to give the bloke? Personally I want rid, asap regardless of what he does from this point on - I trust him less than I ever trusted Fat Freddie (amazingly). The only real mistake he made was Sept 1st, so I wouldn't say he's had a chance to put that right. January is his one, and only chance for me, to put things right...or at least try to.
  14. I've said all along, my judgement on Ashley will be made by February 3rd, after the transfer window. If he's strengthened the squad and Owen is still there, even without a new contract, I'd settle for that. If not, and Owen's gone, then yeah, that's when I'll turn against Ashley.
  15. And in anycase, where does it say he'll stay? He's, for the first time there, said the amount he'll take...£250m, which is more or less what he's spent on the club.
  16. If we strengthen the squad in January and the summer, what difference will it make?
  17. As opposed to a group who've been set up to get him out, want him to speak to them, and then have sly digs at every opportunity.
  18. Why should he talk to the NUSC when all they've done from day one is try to get him out? Look at the countdown thing on there. Done by amateurs. Agree about the official website though, he could use that.
  19. F*cking quality last 20 minutes to this match.
  20. Almost as bad as Sergio Ramos. 22 and has 8 red-cards already. (although to be fair he is a defender)
  21. Again, fair enough, but within those two "interviews" have been some interesting comments. - He's still trying to sell the club. - There is money available for him to spend to get us out of trouble in January. - Owen's been offered a good contract, and says there's nothing he can do if City come up with a better one. - He's admitted he made mistakes.
  22. Running riot now, Rooney makes it 5.
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