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  1. Was 4th choice behind Mellor, Agyemang & Ormerod for the mostpart.
  2. What? he's crap but we shouldn't let him go unless he's replaced with better quality. we're too short of players as it is If he was our 3rd/4th choice striker fair enough, but he's 5th at best and probably 6th in reality!
  3. Transfers in and out since summer 2007. In. Mark Viduka (Middlesbrough - Free) Joey Barton (Man City - £5.8m) David Rozehnal (PSG - £2.7m) Geremi (Chelsea - Free) Alan Smith (Man Utd - £6m) Cacapa (Lyon - Free) Jose Enrique (Villarreal - £6.3m) Habib Beye (Marseille - £2.5m) Abdoulaye Faye (Bolton - £2m) Tamas Kadar (Zalaegerszegi - £900k) Fabio Zamblera (Atalanta - £300k) Jonas Gutierrez (Real Mallorca - Undisc) Danny Guthrie (Liverpool - £2.5m) Fabricio Coloccini (Deportivo La Coruna - £10.3m) Nile Ranger (Southampton - Free) Xisco (Deportivo La Coruna - £5.7m) Aaron Spe
  4. Will do a Google search for the 5-1 home defeat to Man Utd and compare the two.
  5. Serious question, but who have we sold under Ashley that's suggested "penny pinching". We bought and sold Rozehnal & Faye for pretty much the same fee, remember seeing somewhere we actually made a profit on Emre, and let's face it, we ripped Villa off for Milner and West Ham for Dyer & Parker. (remember when we agreed a fee with them, then Ashley cancelled it increasing the price at the last-minute and eventually won that battle). For all of his criticisms, selling players at knock down prices hasn't been one of them.
  6. Yes to Alex, not keen on Noble. I'd test Portsmouth and try and finally sign Distin.
  7. Kicked the ball into where the old SKY boxes used to be. Fully deserved the yellow. But a magnificent display today. Three outstanding saves in first 20 minutes. I thought the ref was excellant today and reffed it how it used to be reffed years ago. Other refs would have been booking shitloads today. He could have easily sent Taylor off as well for the "challenge" on Reina.
  8. "So are we all racists now, Father?"
  9. I really couldn't see the players accepting Keegan back now.
  10. Perhaps this is what brought on N'Zogbia's quotes yesterday. He's seeing wingers no better, if not worse than him like Johnson, Pennant & Lennon being linked with Real Madrid, has seen his close friend from the Le Havre Academy join them last week, was linked with Spurs under Ramos, and is hoping his name's next on the list.
  11. Ashley Young being linked in Marca today.
  12. Would be the clearest indication yet that Ashley's wanting to give it a second go. Question is, would the fans who've been wanting him out accept that?
  13. Agreed, Has he been given even half a chance? [tin hat] Reminds me of another spaniad striker. [/tinhat] We never signed him despite a few on the forums wanting him. And anyway, even though he played in La Liga he was Turkish.
  14. Maybe if he'd hung on for another week or so, he'd have got the Leeds job.
  15. Not too late to put money on us being 6th by New Year's Day.
  16. Haven't got used to the brave new world - I thought hmm - about £5m - no - thats £8m. Hahaha, yeah I'm getting used to that now. When I saw Diarra to Madrid for €20m I was thinking, £14m is a lot of money when in fact it's still just under £20m!
  17. Hopefully Shearer will bombard Owen's phone from now until June and try and play the guilt-trip card.
  18. To be fair, FIFA or the FA or whoever it was paid us one year of that, didn't they?
  19. If he goes, try and stump Sunderland's bid to sign Cisse on a permanent deal.
  20. Yep. Brilliant how the subs worked out today. N'Zogbia's ball from left-back where he'd been for about 2 minutes, upto Viduka & Duff who'd been brought on.
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