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  1. Next Season

    Imagine we win and eventually get into Europe for real, or we fail and we do finally get kicked out just remember the excuses, we've played too many games, we have'nt got the squad, it gave us a good platform, we never expected to get this far and I am sure we can all add a few more, we've all heard them before. This manager, Mr Sourness, is an absolute nightmare. The best quote of all was when he was appointed, "the best squad of players I've had the pleasure to work with." Soon messed this one up Mr Sourness, when will it end....only when he's sacked!
  2. Michael Owen

    As we did with wayne rooney, with no intention or hope of getting the player to sign for the TOON. Another Fat Controller master stroke.
  3. From .COM

    A recurring hamstring problem kept plaguing him, leaving him on the sidelines for long stretches of last season. He made only 21 appearances and scored 7 goals. Agreed, should fit in well.
  4. Next Season

    The writing is on the wall, we must be the laughing stock of the premiership.
  5. Douala

    Could fit in well then!
  6. The proposed Butt/Viduka swap

    Is he fully fit, or is it like the Parker transfer where a little more recovery time is needed?
  7. Anelka wants to come..

    ON Fatduka Not with us I hope. Surely not Mr Fat Controller, he would be subject to so much derision, save the embarrassment. ON ANelka Maybe this will help the Turks make up their mind, especially if they want to bring in any more foreign players.
  8. Moore deal done - subject to medical

    Yet another class signing, (NOT)....... by Mr Sourness, another less than average player by all accounts.
  9. This is a joke

    Very adult, well done to all of you involved, only wish our numbskull of a manager had been as grown up when dealing with Mr Bellamy.
  10. What are you listening to ?

    The Animals: We Gotta Get Out of This Place See See Rider (Live Beat Club 67-1) House Of The Rising Sun ( Ed Sullivan Show 1964) Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Ed Sullivan Show 1965) Don't Bring Me Down Watching and listening
  11. Buying starts tomorrow?

    Could also be waiting for the outcome of JJ and arsenal and the Owen situation.
  12. Wenger back in for JJ

    This might just be the ticket ........... might open the door for Owen. I would not complain if JJ went to Arsenal for that sort of dosh, IMO he's a bit of a lightweight anyway, still not sure if he's the best. Couple seasons back my view of him was different, maybe what's been happening at the Toon has taken it's toll on his on and off the pitch performances.
  13. Real 'will allow Owen to leave'

    I'd like to think Owen is the genuine target and that all of the others have been a smokescreen........... get the mat out tonight.
  14. Given in no hurry to sign on..

    I wonder what Mr Sourness might make of these statements from Shay, will he take them constructively or destructively?
  15. Anelka wants to come..

    Let's Just hope that Fener release Anelka, imagine Fatduka playing alongside Shearer?
  16. 2005-6 End of Season Review.

    Imagination gone wild, spot on.
  17. Strachan in trouble already..

    Now to chose between them, then.
  18. Hugo Viana joins Celta Vigo

    I agree especially as wages affect profitability and ultimately reflect the amount of dividend for the shareholders. Well done the Fat Controller, certainly in the interest of the shareholders. At least the size of the squad remains the same .... ..Moore in and Viana out.
  19. Why??

    nailed on. 4749[/snapback] Could not agree more, when will these Sourness backers realise, when we've hit rock bottom????
  20. Why??

    Sorry about that mate, you are spot on there.
  21. Why??

    On the day that Sourness's appointment was confirmed I expressed my concerns and I have not waivered those views along the way. He is a second rate manager that only has a track record as a bully. He has alienated players in all of the clubs he has managed and just because he could not manage them he has sold them off on the cheap. Because we are now desperate, and other clubs realise this, we are being asked to pay inflated values for what are just average players. Just to remind you all here are a few of his famous quotes: “I am not a fool, I have been in the game a long time and the only thing that matters at a football club is the football club. " "the only thing that matters is what you do when you cross that white line on match days" Followed by "Craig Bellamy walked off the training ground so there's no way back I'm not having that" Here's a quote from one of Sourness's admirers. Alan Hansen Quote "Souness critics must eat humble pie as he transforms Newcastle." IMHO he is rapidly tearing the club apart and we are heading for a TFD. If Sourness has any sort of master plan its about time he revealed what it is because at the moment it looks like the destruction of our club.
  22. Artmedia Bratislava 5-0 Celtic

    Got to disgree there. Little as I care for Souness, he's a genius compared to Willie McFaul. Or Richard Dinnis. 3223[/snapback] Can't agree with this one. Sourness is total shit and incompetent, and also a bully, Sourness also wanted the job whilst McFaul and Dinnis were placed as managers due to circumstances at that time which were dictated by McKeage and co. At least McFaul and Dinnis did give the club good service during their respective spells at NUFC. Sourness HAS NOT!
  23. Artmedia Bratislava 5-0 Celtic

    They are great teams, Celtic and Rangers, because they have both won 50-odd titles As for Strachan, its only his first game but he's just another manager who will never match Keegans team anywhere, which should be the standards we demand as a minimum like Arsenal and Liverpool do, and find it both amusing and scary that some people think we should employ him at Newcastle. Then again, almost anyone is better than Souness, who is quite simply the biggest, most incompetent, despiseable and arrogant yet idiotic manager I have seen manage NUFC in over 40 years, and thats saying something. 3039[/snapback] I agree LM and TBH don't really give a shit about any other team because all I can see is a raging TFD heading our way.

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