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  1. The guy's a total arsehole, just like his bumchum Sourness.
  2. I'll be very concerned because the Fat Controller will not have a backup plan, but I'd still be delighted, coz no manager, is no worse than Sourness as manager.
  3. Keegan player and manager a failure........................NEVER. No one at NUFC has matched it so far and this idiot has not got a prayer of coming anywhere close. How things have changed, we are now optimistic about mediochrity. We are heading whirlwind into a TFD. FFS man you are right we need to concentrate on the here and now, has anyone told Sourness of this little plan?
  4. >>> sigh <<<< 9483[/snapback] Bigger SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. ------------------NO. That may have been one of his many tasks but that is not the only thing on his Job Description. He was brought in to manage a football club, not demolish it. Crawford which planet are you on? just take a look at Sourness' managerial track record, and apart from his spell in Turkey, he has fallen out with players and got shot of 'em in almost every club. How many days until the start of the season? Shearer is doubtful and Ameobi is banned, do we have a forward to chose fr
  5. I would not mind at all, as long as the money gained from the sale was available to strengthen the squad. My only other wish would be that we had someone sensible spending the money.
  6. As it stands with the squad we have, predictably we are struggling, this was evident on wednesday night, we were in disarray apart from a few players. Now in your words "the UEFA is a worse than average league game until about the quarter finals" and we were beaten in the Intertoto over two legs by a team that did not qualify (neither did we) for the UEFA league. So what is your point, that we are inferior. Think REAL, what we have is a team and management structure which can be said to be "worse than average league team" Your words say it all.
  7. I agree £10 mill is good for a player that is underperforming and has been in the last 2 seasons. WHY? Is it the continuing bad influence from model pros like Dyer and Bramble (Sourness' views of these 2 "proper" players) and their continuation to flaunt themselves and hit the Newcastle hotspots. Maybe not? When he goes, and that will be soon, and is managed by a responsible manager, just watch his return to form and just watch him play out of his skin.
  8. At least they,ve got a few good words to say about Sourness, SACK HIM or is he totally sackless?
  9. Because Sourness is an arsehole and his ego gets in the way a little bit, don'forget the quote, "no-one is bigger than the football club, and all that matters is when you croos the white line on match days" oh I forgot, except Sourness, he thinks that he is bigger than the club. FFS what a TFD. Any way Bernard is likely to tell him to FO.
  10. doesnt mean to say they would have scored them either. They score 1 in every 3 shots. maybe u can point out to me what shearers current ratio is? overall id have to say ur comments were pointless and that ur a miserable bastard. go piss off back to moanville on the other board. 7461[/snapback] How about i point out to you Shearer scored 4 goals from open play in the premiership last season, great ratio that must make. And my actual point is that the two strikers in question would certainly be in the team ahead of Shola with any sane manager in charge and that if
  11. Correct. He's hardly a shrinking violet who lets peopel walk all over him is he, so to claim Shepherd is doing his job as manager for him is clutching at straws. If Souness has had ANY sales forced on him by Shepherd or has had any signings forced on him by Shepherd he can come out and tell everybody about it. Until he does he takes the responisbility for every player who has left this club: Bellamy - Wrong Robert - Wrong Hughes - Wrong Ambrose - wrong or should have been year loan O'Brien - Correct Butt - Correct but not on loan should have got money (tho this is Freddies fault)
  12. If this lazy useless excuse for a footballer Celestine Babyaro is on one penny more than Bernard was then Sourness and the Fat Controller should hang their heads in shame. Bernard is an honest pro that wanted something extra, he's currently floating around without a contract. How much are we going to pay COCO the clown to do a similar or worse job than Bernard did for us? Also heard that COCO the clown wants more than £50k. And before you all jump and say backward step etc, just take a look at Bernards replacements at NUFC. Bernard at least had guts, Sourness is totally screwing the cl
  13. The current squad is not good enough, they will not cope in the league either. Regardless this was his best available team last night, add a few more injuries and bookings etc and take one hard look at what we have to chose from. I firmly believe that success breeds success, what have we got to look forward to, a freshh influx of top players beating the door down to join us, get real, this is the sign of things to come with Sourness. Just ask any supporter of any club that Sourness has been Manager of.
  14. Is that all we looked weak in, I witnessed a shabby defence as well, JAB played badly and can take some or all of the blame for their first goal, and you can expect that once in a while, but we don't have anything much to support players when they do have an off day, and as for the full backs they were shite. I agree with your views on the 2 new lads in Emre and Parker and when they are 100% match fit they will be good. Overall, nothing much to be happy about, IMO.
  15. Let's hope we get some decent dosh and not another undisclosed fee, masquerading as an on loan spell.
  16. 7280[/snapback] Too little and too late, but at least we will be able to concentrate on the league.
  17. Both played ok, should be interesting prospects when they are both match fit.
  18. Total crap, as long as I have a hole in my arse this guy will never be a footballer. How many seasons do we have to give him a chance? Total rubbish, should be cleared out along with Sourness.
  19. I did not see any proper players out there last night, what I did see and to be fair is a glimmer of promise from a few, but still well short of PL status for the coming season. On the topic though it was clear that our defence was total shit, we not only need a LB but also a RB, Hughes is an excellent squad player that you can rely on. Well done Sourness yet more shit from a shit manager. MR SOURNESS is not a PROPER manager.
  20. We were second best, inept in most departments, yet again Master tactician Sourness packed the midfield, not that he had a great amount of choice, no width, but again that's his fault, he got rid of players that could have done that job, failed in defence, not just one error by Elliott, but totally inept and had an absolute howler of a game. Yes Sourness you were forced to this selection due to injuries, but who sold the cover? You did. For those who say we were not that bad, if that's all we've got I fear for our future in the premiership under this management team, yes Parker and Emre bo
  21. The answer has to be simple, we must win at all cost, with or without Sourness is fine, because what I want is success for NUFC. It does not alter how I'm feeling about the management and guidance the club is getting right now, nor am I happy with the views that are held in the football world about us. I guess that could all change if we start pulling a few results and get in the press for all the right reasons. Even though this may be a little optimistic, I can dream, my true wish is that this nightmare was over and Sourness was on his way, but not at the cost of losing to the Makems. NEV
  22. Now that's not a bad thing, if they don't want NB I guess the Fat Controller will be reluctant to shell out hard cash on Fatduka.
  23. There's nothing becoming about it, we are a laughing stock.
  24. Just read all this at icnewcastle and the Journal.
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