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  1. Wierd...but when Hameobi came on today, a lot of things went through my mind. The main one was remembering this, and the fact that fuckwit decided that Shola Ameobi was a better employee for Newcastle United than Craig Bellamy, along with Amdy Faye and Craig Moore being better than Aaron Hughes, not to mention recommending shitface model pro always injured Dyer being worth a new contract which is now costing us 80,000 quid a week. 46224[/snapback] AND if this manager employed this tactic and skillset on a regular basis AND he worked for me I'd have sacked him long time ago.
  2. Totally agree, as long as this idiot is here we will have more days like these. If he can't organise a team and beat teams like Wigan with players like Shearer, Owen, Bowyer and Parker then there's something wrong. There were players out there today who he had payed nearly 35 mil for. Paul Jewell would rather have our first 11 to work with over his I bet and there beating us 1-0! Im sick of all this injury shit, it's bollocks, in the meantime there is no reason why we cant play as team, move for each other and have a go at teams other than because of that useless twat and his backroom of cron
  3. To be fair to the ref as hopeless as he was it is a hard job and often its swings and roundabouts with decisions. Yes the inconsistency is infuriating but it does happen to most clubs at stages over the season. However one thing that is consistant is our managers ability to fail to pick up many points... 46200[/snapback] Indeed and as people know i don't rate Souness at all, but i'll blame him when its his fault (which in part it was) and when its the officials i'll blame them (which it mainly was). And the problem with the "swings and roundabuts" or "evens itself out o
  4. In some ways that result was more of a blow than the Belgrade game - the 7 or 8 games after that were were poor and that continued generally into the next season.. Results and finishing position do count but there wasn't that much difference between the last two seasons in terms of overall "excitement" or "satisfaction". Something like 11 points and 9 places don't really matter to me - I think we've been in a rebuliding phase for two years. If anyone honestly thinks the "3rd top" team were only a couple of players away from being higher they're dreaming imo. 46147[/snapback]
  5. Too long ago, and it will be a long time coming with SOUNESS in charge. SOUNESS OUT!!!!!!!!
  6. We are continually served up shit masquerading as football. 5000 travelling fans must feel they were robbed, and I am so relieved I was on hols when they were selling the tickets for the match. I wasted £7 on sky sports watching total crap. This crap manager does not have a clue, why was Faye in the starting lineup etc etc etc. SOUNESS MUST GO.
  7. Me too, ıf forced i,d swap, but why not keep bellers, the FACT is no matter how good the squad of players at his dısposal, souness will tactically cock it up, because he,s a TFD İ am sure we all want the toon to be successful with or without souness, İMO without would be better.
  8. Man of the Match for me ıs Shay Given İ did watch the whole game and we were crap Souness lets us down every time and unlıke Y İdo not believe Souness will improve with the squad of players he has at his disposal no matter how long you give him.
  9. İ watched the whole match whilst on holiday and could only suggest GİVEN
  10. stupid twat yourself. I have seen a player I think will be a top player, simple as that, and one who gives me doubts. 35001[/snapback] As I said in my previous post the only player that I can pass judgement on is N'Zogbia, like LM I too see a top drawer player but Luque leaves me with doubts. I have only 30 minutes to formulate an opinion of Luque, have you anything better to offer NUFC1984? In that 30 minutes Luque was awful.
  11. I agree, thankyou MR SOURNESS for making it all possible, the injuries, the results so far and of course your tremendous tactical skills. Still can't wait to see the back of him.
  12. Given - 8 - excellent Carr - 5 - still not good enough Babayaro - 5 -still not good enough Boum - 5 - average Taylor - 7 - unlucky, model player Bowyer - 6 - steady Clark - 7 - sound Faye - 5 - average, played better today but still not good enough Zog - 8 - top goal Owen - 7 - will get better Shearer -6 - useful, but lacks the cutting edge.
  13. Got to be N'Zogbia for me if only because I've seen more of him to be able to pass judgement. I would not be able to give an honest opinion on Luque because I've only witnessed about thirty minutes of him playing for the Toon. IMO in that 30 minutes he looked poor but can't judge his level of fitness etc. TBH SOURNESS put him in the team and we will never know if he was 100% fit, not with SOURNESS' ideas of a fit to play team member. The injury he limped off with was not the one he came back carrying from international duty, or was it?
  14. You saw much the same game as me, mostly crap with tree flashes of excellence. I agree it was a good win, and a very important must win result, but unlike you I would much rather us go forward without SOURNESS. Apart from the three goals there was little else available to us. In the first 60 minutes, we were still fearfull of crossing the halfway line and still playing non-tactical football of 8:2. Granted as the goals came we relaxed and were more stable even with 10 men. I would be much happier if SOURNESS was not part of our future plans.
  15. He has just bought himself a few more hours, he'll be away this week.
  16. Sure, you're right, but there's is little hope for us with Sourness, I have the mat out every night, and I HOPE and PRAY that the FF does the sensible thing and gets rid of Sourness, the only concern is , who will be next.
  17. And he has much better players at his disposal now after his own transfer activity. I reckon he should at least be given a chance with those players. 34461[/snapback] WHY, WHY, WHY, how many chances does this fuckwit need to destroy NUFC. Rightly he has signed a few top players but he has also signed some crap players, and at what cost, you cannot live in the past, the day SOURNESS took over he should have been measured on his performance. I hear fans saying wait until after the Manure game, that's when his season starts, does it now begin after the Blackburn game? NO, NO,
  18. I'll be there tomorrow and I'll be 100% supporting the Toon, but anything that curses Sourness and rids the Toon of this fuckwit I'll be 100% supporting that.
  19. How many spectators do you think you would get at St James' if you had to pay at the turnstiles for each game? My guess is that it would be substantially less than we get at the moment, especially to watch some of the rubbish that has been served up over this and last season. Sourness has seen to that. Bring back the ENTERTAINERS!!!
  20. He's hanging by a thread, hope he's gone soon, IMO the guy is a total arsehole, and we will never ever improve with Sourness and his band of cronies, when he goes, they must also go.
  21. Won't be in the next 24 hours though, but I guess it will be soon, he can't survive this, surely not? I am praying that the fuckwit is off soon.
  22. Terry Mac- what a load of old bollocks, you could never write propaganda like that, it can only have been written by some expensive PR machine to try and quell further disharmony of the fans when we reach the bottom of the pit on Sunday. It might even be Saturday because the Makems just might win at home and that would leave us bottom, God fecking help us. Why don't you just get off with the rest of the cronies that SOURNESS has brought to this club and hopefully never return. Terry Mac your words are just one big pile of shite.
  23. COPIED from another POST And as for PL suggesting that Sourness is deliberately setting out to destroy the club, well I ask you guys do you really believe that PL even suggested it, if you do you're more naive than I even thought you might be? Like PL I'm so angry at the mention of Sourness' name, or when I see his photo I feel a great deal of hatred. I don't think any of us believe that Sourness is acting maliciously by destroying NUFC, he's just making a damn good job of it. I honestly don't think Sourness is even aware of the damage he is doing, he's not that clever. Like most o
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