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  1. !. N'zogbia for the goal he scored and nothing much else. the rest don't deserve a mention, they were crap.
  2. Sounds about right to me. On paper we've got a good side. Until that appears on the pitch though, it's Amdy Faye. A panic buy to provide extra cover for the AOB/Bramble jokeshop in the absence of a functioning Butt, I hope. That's the only logic I can come up with. The other signings have been generally okay when they play, though it's always been "but we've got this on paper". One things for certain, GS can't get much out of a weakened side. 31752[/snapback] That is just not quite true, IMO he could'nt get much out of afull strength side. And as for PL suggesting th
  3. There was a good number of the NUFC faithfull fooled, at least 20,000 plus who turned up to endorse the Owen signing and 50.000 plus on Saturday. I would be one of the first to endorse the signing of Owen but what a master stroke by the MIB at St James', a perfect smoke screen, we were waiting with excitement and the anticipation of our first win this season. What we all failed to remember was, who is in charge of team affairs, Mr Fuckwit of course. We are doomed if we continue with the current regime of Management and backroom staff.
  4. I wonder what Bowyer, Clark and N'Zogbia made of the teamsheet when it was posted. Happy dressing room my arse, proper players well I ask you honestly, Sourness is a brainless piece of crap masquerading as a football manager.
  5. Makosi might just be the answer, at least in place of Faye.
  6. FACT is we don't try hard enough, just look at how many tackles made any sense or purpose, just look at our passing ability, we have recruited a midget to hold down the number 10 shirt and we continue to try and punt a high ball into the box, Owen likes the ball at his feet, can't our players understand this. Mind you with 8 defenders that feared to cross the halfway line yesterday I'm not surprised Owen and Shearer were starved of any service. TBH we were crap................no, we did not try too hard, we simply did'nt try hard enough.
  7. I knew he would fit in well at NUFC, at least he can keep Dyer company for best part of the season. Tell me, is there something wrong with our medical and backroom team?
  8. There's only one choice for me, get rid of both fuckwits, Sourness and Faye can live happy ever after together.
  9. i didn't see it that way,but through injuries etc he was forced into playing those players,,faye for clarke and anyone for carr would have been my changes...will he get to see his first 11 ? 31370[/snapback] Good post B&W, we will never win anything with an 8 2 formation, and I just watched the howlers again on MOTD, even with 8 defenders we were crap, still need LB and RB and a whole lot more. So Shakermaker you think he will get better with his first choice of 11 players all fit and raring to go. Get REAL, FACT is that NUFC have a back room staff that manages to produc
  10. Don't give a damn for them anyway. As for me I'm going to make the most of the next 12 months and hopefully OWEN will also make the most of that time. Let him be the Local Hero!
  11. Looks promising and I hope we all get behind the team and give them 100% and I hope they return the favour.
  12. I'd bet we don't have the level of qualifications we should at the club. And when you think of the millions spent on aquiring and wages for these players we should have the bloody cream of Harley Street looking after them. Its always a problem at St. James often willign to push the boat out for palyers, but not so much for coaching, back room staff and the like. 26757[/snapback] Any wonder with the likes of Murray and Saunders heading up the backroom staff. Would you trust and put your faith in these guys?
  13. 100% spot on guys. You have to look at it very simply, the league and your position in that league is measured by the games that you play, it does'nt matter whether it's the local Pub league or the premier league, that is the measure. FACT is we finished as well as we played in the previous 4 seasons. FACT is last season we were in decline and if you continue the results over each season we would be relegation material right now. FACT is that is where we are right now, relegation material. FACT is I won't defend SOURNESS because he can't excuse the place in the table righ
  14. That's all there worth at the minute, I would go ape shit if they used out else.
  15. Here, Here 20759[/snapback] Here, Here, Here!
  16. We don`t have the players for either IMO the squad is just a mess. 20919[/snapback] Spot on SM, when will some of you realise we just don't have the squad to support any real tactics. Not that SOURNESS understands or can even spell the word tactics. SOURNESS has totally put the team out of balance, not to mention his suicidal ideas of playing guys when they're simply not fit. That was obvious yesterday with Dire and Emre and look who turned up in their place when they had to go off. FFSAAAAAAke its a Total F****** DIsaster!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. The Fat Controller has given fuckwit SOURNESS £30+ million over the past 12 months, that to me says the Fat Controller has given his manager a great deal of backing. I can have no sympathy for SOURNESS mismanaging that cash and team affairs, I can only sympatise with us, the fans who put up with this week in and week out. WE should not accept mediochrity.
  18. Unfortunately it isn't week in week out as you said. However your posts are always directed at the negative side, overly so. Whilst I would say our club is in a bad state apart from player wise it doesn't help to constantly slag it off. Have a valium and try and cheer the fuck up. Depression kills. 20985[/snapback] You are so right, it can't be week in week out, he's injured more often than not. That makes me more angry to see a reported £80k per week going down the drain, totally wasteful.
  19. Parker and Taylor were class, not one of the rest would I give more than 5, average performnce to downright crap, can't be bothered to even give some of them a mark.....£80.000 per week for a fucking crock does not rate a 1.
  20. Again I would expect more than an average performance but in fact this was well below par, infact TFD.
  21. He was average, but I would expect more than average for £10 mill, TBH he needs to settle into the team, best to judge after a few games. Give him chance fellas.
  22. I agree it would have had an influence on their valuation, especially where Bellamy is concerned... But as I said about Robert, even at a knockdown price only 3 clubs were interested, now surely if Robert was as good as some seem to think he was in his last few seasons here then wouldn't several clubs have been in for him? especially for free... For instance if Duff (example) became available at a knockdown price because he'd fell out with Mourinho, who then went and told the press he was a good player but was lazy and didn't pull his weight, do you honestly think hardly any clubs woul
  23. He's not even that good, as long as I have a hole in my arse Shola will never make it as a footballer.
  24. Can't do that cos they're SACKLESS!
  25. I half agree with what you're saying, The manager made it obvious he wanted rid and they wouldn't feature in his plans this season so Shephard had to sell them for whatever he could... However even though it was made clear Robert was available at a knockdown price he still only managed to attract serious interest from Pompey, Bolton and Troyes - perhaps this represents his true worth from a non Newcastle point of view. 20294[/snapback] Or maybe Sourness just talked down their true value. Don't forget Sourness went public with the disgust he felt with those players and for any
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