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The "What are you eating" thread

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No. Tomatoes are not known for owning things. Other than you atm. 

Guest You FCB Get Out Of Our Club
Just made a serious bit of scran


potatoe cakes, cheesy tobasco beans, bacon, scrambled egg and white pudding


I don't know how I think them up, I really don't

What's white pudding? If it's anything like black pudding, oh dear.

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On 06/01/2011 at 22:28, Dr Gloom said:


go for a run then you can eat proper nutritious home made food without having to starve yourself of calories your body needs by eating crap like those weight watcher ready meals. seriously....absolute waste of time if you want to cut fat.


i just had some home made falafel with salad and puy lentils cooked with feta, sunblushed tomatos, chili and corriander on the side


Fuck you too :lol:

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