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I've found us a couple of new supporters

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Awesome pics on ya blog, pet!!!! You in Sirth Ifrica now then?


Yis :rolleyes:


Tried to update the blog just now but the server keeps crashing and it can't handle photos. Will keep trying though.


And alex - you have to come here, it's amazing. Bumped into a hyena before having a kip under a tree. Luckily I was in a vehicle at the time.

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I lied. He woke up for a sec then went back to sleep. Gawd, this server is struggling.... :D



Thats a bloody labrador in Jessa Dene :nufc:




have fun


Cheeky :rolleyes: I'll post heffalumps, impala and a hippo when the net is being a bit more stable.

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Cool stuff. Hope ya having a fab time hinny. :D


Loving every minute pet. How's the bairn? Are you getting any sleep? :rolleyes:


Sleep is for poofs. FACT!


Bairn is sound. Prob though only one of us that is getting any sleep :(:blush:


But aye, he's doin' fine. Head wobbling, fart making, gurgling jiggerer that he is :nufc:

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