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Recommend me a good restaurant in Newcastle


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El Coto.


Tried to book the Old Siam but no tables til late so decided to go for Gemmils recommendation of El Coto on the Quayside.


Parked outside of some Gentlemans club and then headed next door to the Brew Dog pub. Tried the IPA Punk which was ok and our lass had the cherry coke which was tremendous.


Then headed off down the quayside in search of El Coto and having no luck, ended up in the broad chare for a drink, some scotch eggs and some scrumles / scrumptions??? (Lamb and cheese in breadcrumbs with a vinegar dip).


Headed off again in search of El Coto only to be accosted by a lady of the night asking for money to get home.


Eventually made it back to the car having finally resorted to google and discovering that El Coto had moved to Leazes Park.


The service and more importantly, the food, were superb. Our lass still preferred La Tasca and there are definitely some very nice Tapas La Tasca does that El Coto doesnt.


That said and having been to both, I would compare La Tasca to an all you can eat chinese buffet and El Coto to the Neptune or Landmark.


Hard to pick a favourite but the honey and mustard sauce on the potatoes was delicious.



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Actually reading that again, you had bait in both the Broad Chare as well as El Coto. You shambles of a man. :lol:


:lol: We must only be a month away from him venturing into the How Fat Are You thread and announcing that he's at an all time high of 16 stone.

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Two thumbs up for the Biscuit Factory after a smashing lunch there yesterday. Utterly gorgeous pork belly.







(See, Fisty, don't say I never pay you any compliments. The food was canny too)

Just seen this, cheeky bitch.

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The Tapas bar on Leazes Road round the corner from SJP, used to be Barn Again, is very good.


The alternative you're thinking of is an excellent choice though - El Coto it's called I think.


I'm off to a Spanish tapas bar for my sister's birthday this week, and I don't really know what to expect, having never been to one before.


So, are they any good? I'm going to El Coto, next to SJP.


The Spanish restaurant is nice, opposite the good Bagladeshi, where Barn Again was. El Coto? Was good last time i was there.


El Coto (Tapas) next to the Hyena Comedy Club


You should have gone to El Coto or the one that's on the way down to the quayside man. I've always found La Tasca to be pretty disappointing, particularly in comparison to these other places.



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