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I'm not denying I'd like to be there, never have, just don't see what we have to do with it. When we've been to FA cup finals and things over the years I've never paid any attention to your lot.

Also the cheesy chip thing isn't really taking the piss out of us is it? it's more just finally not getting riled up by it on your part.

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Doesnae look any worse either. 

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We've fallen for the mackem trap, they have a game/event that in no way involves us but they talk relentlessly about us in the build up, we then begin to have a laugh at their expense, then they turn round and say we're obsessed or something along those line.



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`Wembley hate brigade'. I don't hate Wembley. Of course we would all like to be looking forward to yet another Wembley trip but you are fooling no one with this makem shit about enjoying the day whatever happens.You know we will be watching and you know we will be enjoying the tonking that awaits you.On a final note,have you been putting away 3.9 pence a week since your last cup final appearance to pay for your £40 ticket.

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Don't have anything against mackems but how long are the mods going to let this knacker spout shite? Has he ever said anything non confrontational? Not even reasoned debate just plain wummery and hes allowed to crack on regardless.

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Yes mate, correct. I am currently sporting a natty pair of floral print boxers. Think you'll find most people on here also wear underpants at 10:30am.

Study this picture of floorboards, Desmond, and see if you can tell the main difference between you and them.


Think hard.

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