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Calling out around Wearside Are you ready for a brand new beat? Eternal Winter's there and the time is right For shitting in the street   They're shitting in Roker (shiting in the street

Don't call it a comeback We've been shit for years Worst team on the River Wear Puttin' clean seats at the SoS in fear Makin' the tears rain down like a monsoon Listen to the half empty stad

OMG, this is a topic to ridicule the Sunderland?   HAHAHAH Love you.   We saw you cry at Neflix!   PS: I didn't know the menaning of 'macken'... Sorry for the inconvenien

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:lol: He tweeted something a day or two ago about being proud to be involved with the GGG v Martin Murray fight. It took place more than 5 years ago :lol: 

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I’ve seen a lot of weird shit on drugs, but I have never ever ever ever ever looked at Sunderland and thought "that looks like a great investment". Not once, all right? I have seen UFO’s split the sky like a sheet, but I have never ever seen Sunderland and thought  "invest", not once. I have had seven balls of light come off of a UFO, lead me onto their ship, explain to me telepathically that we are all one and there is no such thing as death, but I have never ever ever have I looked at Sunderland and thought "that could be a wise investment".


Now, maybe I wasn’t getting good shit?

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Gandaft has reputedly (ie according to him, therefore not all) launched a beef jerky using very similar branding to his fake ‘data systems’ company. Beef jerky ffs :lol: 

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3 minutes ago, Tom said:

My mate makes his own jerky in his shed. Made one from venison (not Barry lol) & Carolina reaper peppers. 


I think they have equal chance of buying Sunderland.

MF has a jerky shed 

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