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This is from last season. With 2 games to go we were at Dumbarton. If they beat us we were going down - if we won - they were going down.


The final score: Dumbarton 4 Ayr United 5


This is the goal that made it 4-1 to us. An absolute classic :lol:<_<


The very first 'YES!!!' you hear is me(the Monster) getting all excited as i had just turned to my mate Baldy Al and said:"This is going in, McAnespie's going to score!"




At any level of football that's a peach..... :drinks:

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Any Sepultura fans out there? This is a cover. <_<


The drummer is incredible seeing as he's only a kid!!! :lol:

Before I click on the link... you're not in this vid are you Brock? :drinks:



No he's not.


And i reckon that theres another guitarist off screen.

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The best of Ex-WWF wrestler Ultimate Warrior's rantings & ravings.


How must I prepare you must ask yourself?


Should I jump off the tallest building in the world?!


Should I lay in a lawn and let it run over me with lawnmowers?!


Should I go to Africa and let it trample me with raging elephants?!



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