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You know when he gets on a bit, maybe loses his hearing but is still carted out for big events like New Years? Will Old Lang Sign?

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Gary Barlow has written a new song in memorial of the Duke of Edinburgh, using his intense lyrical genius:


Oh - oh - oh - oh - no

Prince Phillip is dead

Just after I gave him head (how do you-ooh-ooh think I got this gig?)

He filled the air with laughter

With his regal wit and banter

But now he's gone, so soon

And with this has come some gloom

But hopefully this song will brush away the gloom, as if it were a broooommm

A happy broom

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Are you lads actually watching it like?

Give yourselves a stern talking to.


Parents have it on. One is about to ferry me to the station. If it's on the car radio too there'll be ructions. <_<

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I dont really mind the queen or any of her family (the alternative of having a politician as a head of state makes me nauseous) but am fucked if id as much as open the curtains if somone told me she was passing by....all this jubilee shit is fuckin irritating now. Is the concert the same line up as her 50th?...have they released Bassey and Jones from the South Wales Cryogenic Center again?....

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5.jpgAin't watching but Jonesy did a similar stunt at the FIFA Conference opening a while back I seem to remember.

Pretty ambivalent to the whole few days, I'd rather watch Springwatch, but it's this kind of thing I can't much relate to -




It would be good if Liz catapults her alan whickers onto the stage when Tom Jones fires up his sex songs like.

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