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Club Tropicana (CT remix '18)   Let me take you to the place Where membership's Britain's disgrace Blue flag with lots of stars. Where strangers take you by the hand And welcome you

In World War II the average IQ of the combat soldier was 100. In Parliament Square it was nineteen. N-n-n-n-nineteen.    

I remember a few people saying, some years ago when this was all kicking off, that maybe Brexit is what this country needs to finally move on from the Imperial past and embrace a global future. The fa

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They're predicting close to 70% leave in Hartlepool, with people on the street citing immigration as the reason. What fucking immigrants are in Hartlepool ffs?

Meanwhile the pound's strength is dropping at a mental rate.

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I must admit the ballbag politicians they have on the BBC wont really be helping this wave of dislike towards politicians (which some have said is why they'll vote leave, as a 'that'll teach them' type of thing), constantly fucking sniping at each other about how the other ones didn't campaign enough.

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Yeah this is looking pretty bleak. Even Scotland isn't looking that good despite voting Remain.


London is going to be so key here. Stating the obvious, but it's looking like England minus London is going to vote Leave certainly.

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