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The Great Self Isolation Trivia Quiz 2020.

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Come on then. 

1: No Googling the answers- “You’re only cheating yourself”

2: First correct answer posts the next question. ( If that person hasn’t responded/posted within a couple of hours, or has died from Lurgy, the next correct poster takes their turn etc etc, we’re all big lads. 
3. See 1 & 2. 

So, which band has had the longest run of unchanged personnel, currently at 51 years? 

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2 minutes ago, Meenzer said:

Please let it be the Wurzels :pray: 

:lol: The band in question don’t play Scrumpy and Western music. 

They’re Rock & Roll Hall of Fame members, platinum selling albums, lead guitarist is in the top 50 Rolling Stone list etc. 
They’re a well known band. 

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