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Don't let the door hit you on the arse 2020

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9 minutes ago, Kitman said:

All the best for 2021 everybody (NZ first cab off the rank). Hope you have a fantastic year full of good health and happiness!


Bugger can someone merge this and that other thread started by some other wanker?

HNY Kitman and the rest of you buggers.

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1 hour ago, sammynb said:

Fuck off 2020, let's hope 2021 is less of an adventure.

Stay safe all and happy no longer this cunt of a year.


Had tickets to see these guys for two rescheduled gigs this year, obviously didn't happen so this is as close as we get.




Were on to see them in May...think thats touch & go tbh...have a good one mate 👍 

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