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Eddie Howe


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2 hours ago, The Fish said:

Formatting issues aside, I'm going to disrespectfully tell you you're wrong.


Howe has dramatically improved the performances of the team and improvedbrought on players like Shelvey, Willock, .. fuck it I'm not listing them all as it's hard to think of a player who hasn't improved under Eddie's shepherding. That said, Keegan was the catalyst, he got the club in a headlock and demanded we got better. He cajoled and lied and inspired and delivered the kind of rise from calamity that just won't happen at any other club again. Eddie isn't doing that, he's 'just' doing his job. 


It's way better than Bruce, but I don't see Howe as the transformative figure, just an agent of that change. 


I think we're arguing over semantics, which I'm extremely fond of doing.


Howe doesn't have the profile, charisma or charm of Keegan or Robson but he's producing the same results. Keegan utterly changed the English football public's perception of Newcastle United 30 years ago, that can't be done again to the same extent even with the potential for huge investment over the next 18 months or so, but Howe is having precisely same effect on the playing staff he inherited as KK and SBR,  Is that what you're trying to say?


Bit too early to judge for me but the signs are very favourable. Can't see them getting rid in the summer, let's see what the summer window brings with a top class DoF, and long-term  what tye DoF can do with the currently  piss poor academy 


PS, to be fair to you Dave, which I obviously fuckin HATE doing :D it looks like you called the January window fairly accurately 👍



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Just now, PaddockLad said:


Strong "been waiting over a decade to throw that particular truth bomb" vibe with this post :good:



Belfast's Lee Ryder. Throwing absolute bullshit questions at the Linfield manager every week. 

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There’s no reason why Eddie Howe might not turn out to be the best manager in the world. :love: 


Even Alex Ferguson didn’t start out as a world beater.



Eddie’s smart, calm, charismatic and possibly even lucky.


I think this is the start of something massive and I’m really pleased we ended up getting him even if it was a bit by default.

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