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Transfers, 2023-24 season


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3 hours ago, Alex said:

There was a rumour recently that Real Madrid could be about to trigger Haaland’s release clause

Aye and wasn't there something on them not wanting Mbappe?  I would love to see Haaland there.  Just to see him fuck off :lol: 

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Nico is predominantly a LW. 


Looking at his stats in Transfermarkt.
Inaki started his first couple of years playing equally across the front 3 before becoming more of CF with some games on the RW.

Last 3 seasons seems to be slowly moving more into RW


21/22 - 37 games as a CF - 1 as a RW

22/23 - 20 games as a CF - 18 as  a RW

23/24 - 12 games as RW - 1 game as CF


6'1 (Eddie loves 6 footers)

Presses up high


and this stat right here might be very very interesting 




"Inaki Williams record run ends at 251 consecutive LaLiga games as injury sidelines Athletic Bilbao star.

Inaki Williams missed Athletic Bilbao's game at Celta Vigo on Sunday due to injury, ending the forward's astonishing record run of 251 consecutive LaLiga appearances.

Before his omission was confirmed by the club, Ghana international Williams had not missed a league game since the 2015-16 season."


https://keepup.com.au/news/inaki-williams-record-run-ends-at-251-consecutive-laliga-games-as-injury-sidelines-athletic-bilbao-star/#:~:text=35 AM AEDT-,Inaki Williams record run ends at 251 consecutive LaLiga games,of 251 consecutive LaLiga appearances.




That was back in January, since then, has continued with not missing a single game. Probably music to Eddies ears right now considering the situation. 


Just need Diegos seal of approval and I can start day dreaming. 

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1 minute ago, wykikitoon said:

Needing reinforcements in centre mid, centre forward and defence and then signing yet another winger seems like a Chelsea thing tbh. Though this lad is class so I'd take it.

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4 minutes ago, Kevin Carr's Gloves said:

Everyone keeps saying we need a replacement for Miggy

This would be the wrong side then. He plays on the left almost exclusively.


Also, it's only a handful of ungrateful swines that don't appreciate Miggy and his ghost like right foot.

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Not exactly reliable sources and it doesn’t seem likely. I think he’s decent but I could only see us signing a definite upgrade on Pope and probably not in the next couple of windows either. 

Edited by Alex
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47 minutes ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

I’d be amazed if we join the crowd of idiots who have overpaid for him. I imagine our next keeper will come from a European league

Aye, it’s all lazy journalism imo - there’s a disgruntled player from one of the top sides so they think little old Newcastle will pick up their slop. 

We’re hardly on good terms with Arsenal, they even recently tried to push through a rule to try and stop something they think we might want to do. Leave them with this goalkeeper headache of captain Scarlett’s doing, there’s players outside the Premier league ffs. 

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On 11/20/2023 at 10:10 AM, LongTimeAdmirer said:







Walking In Vince Mcmahon GIF by WWE@Diego21 ?

I think it is impossible for Iñaki Williams to leave Athletic because he earns 12M a year and is not a player who deserves to earn that.

Only Athletic pays for it so that he doesn't leave.

That said, he seems like a pretty disappointing forward to me. It is true that the pace of the Premier League can be good for him, but he is a player who misses a large number of fairly simple goals.

In his early days, when he was younger, it seemed like he had a very good future, playing both on the wing and up front, but he has been stuck doing nothing for many years now.

I don't see him playing in a team that plays with only one striker (like we do) and he is no better than Isak or Wilson.

It is true that Iñaki has something good and that is that he never gets injured. He has the historical record of consecutive games played in Spain.

In short, smoke.

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Marcos Leonardo's agent (Rafaela Pimienta, the same that Haaland) has said that it is time for the player to leave Santos, now in January.


Apparently, Roma made an offer of €18M in the summer and it was rejected.


It seems that Santos and the player have reached an agreement to have an exit fee and, although it has not been revealed, it is rumored that it could be around €20M (it seems cheap to me for the crazy things that are being paid)


Today Globo, in Brazil, says that Newcastle, Real Madrid and Arsenal are the most interested.


I understand that the player will be a little more expensive because a fight and an auction will start and in the end the player who leaves the most commissions to the player and agents will win.




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