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Nice work @LongTimeAdmirer

Problem for Kuol from what I know of the kid, is he is more than likely struggling without his family.

He's got potential but I don't think he has that killer instinct. Hope I'm wrong. Good kid from our country playing for our club is awesome for us but I just don't think he'll make it and will be back at the Mariners in 3 or 4 seasons time.

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25 minutes ago, sammynb said:

Nice work @LongTimeAdmirer

Problem for Kuol from what I know of the kid, is he is more than likely struggling without his family.

He's got potential but I don't think he has that killer instinct. Hope I'm wrong. Good kid from our country playing for our club is awesome for us but I just don't think he'll make it and will be back at the Mariners in 3 or 4 seasons time.

Just like the other 2 Aussies 🙁 

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20 hours ago, sammynb said:

Nice work @LongTimeAdmirer

Problem for Kuol from what I know of the kid, is he is more than likely struggling without his family.

He's got potential but I don't think he has that killer instinct. Hope I'm wrong. Good kid from our country playing for our club is awesome for us but I just don't think he'll make it and will be back at the Mariners in 3 or 4 seasons time.


A relegation team thats spending most games up against it might also not have been the best move to be honest, hopefully he shows enough this season that a team higher up takes a chance and he can express those attacking instincts better next season. Still only turned 19 last month, hes got time. 

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Harrison Ashby:







Ashby going 3 for 3 for starts which is great to see that he's finally getting some regular minutes again. 

Hate to say Swansea were finding it tough against the shite, spending most of the game boxed in, enjoying 21% all game.  Good thing our lad is defender first and played a great match to help contribute in keeping a clean sheet.  


Hopefully putting together 3 good performances back to back to back will see him continue starting instead of the other fella who has been dropping nothing but MID games all season. 




Garang Kuol:










Not the best week for our lad. Previously started every match for Volendam but things were different this week.

After getting hooked at half time in last weeks report, he got 11 minutes off the bench in the 2 - 0 loss to Ajax and didnt come off the bench at all in the 3-3 all draw with Volendam.

Wonder what happened off the field after he got subbed at halftime the previous week. Hope he is keeping his head and training hard.






Yankuba Minteh:


The Punisher Marvel GIF by NETFLIX


Still recovering but back soooooon.


Wonder if he'll be brought back in January due to Murphy's dislocated shoulder, hmmm








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Harrison Ashby:






UhIaLtf.jpg Suspicious Monkey GIF by MOODMAN




Should I just move on to the next section?


Fella dropped a stinker. 


But let’s not forget the guy’s still learning the ropes. I mean, look back at the three games before—great solid stuff. Plus, the team was down to 10 players for most of the match, so that’s a factor.


But, gotta face the music too. Giving away that penalty and losing the ball 15 times? Not great. Still, there’s a breather till the 26th. Time to hit the training ground, tighten up those loose ends, and come back stronger. It’s a chance to polish up, make better decisions, and bounce back in the next game. :good:





Garang Kuol:







So, Kuol didn’t see much action in the last game, just a quick 26-minute stint when his team was already three goals down. And checking out his stats, let's say he wasn’t exactly on fire.


Part of me is wondering, looking at his season so far, was a relegation fodder team the best option for a young attacking lad? Volendam are getting smacked on a regular basis and are spending most of their time defending. 


Is Eddie hoping a season with a relegation team will toughen him up and teach him some hard lessons?
Was this perhaps the best they could do? Unknown lad from Australia, maybe other teams weren’t lining up for him. 






Minteh started things of in Denmark. Would Kuol have been better of at a mid table in belgium/austria etc?? where things might be a bit more balanced? Wondering if this struggling team is the right place for Kuol to really shine and grow.






Yankuba Minteh:


sick hospital GIF



Injured so nothing new to report in terms of game time,  on schedule to be back in action after the international break. 

Eddie did a few things to say recently though.




Looks we do have a release clause in his loan.


“I think his loan spell has been a productive one,” Howe added. “He’s scored goals and been part of a successful team. He’s certainly got talent, although the Premier League is a very different league to any other league in Europe.

“That doesn’t mean that players can’t come in or out of the Premier League. He’s someone we like, and he’s certainly got the athletic profile that we need.”


“We’ll look at our players that are out on loan, with a view to whether they could potentially strengthen us,” Howe revealed. “If it’s good for their career as well, then we’ll certainly look at what we can do."


Personally, although we are having some injury problem, he's having a great season at Feyenoord and I hope we dont disrupt him, better of playing regularly in Holland instead of coming of the bench for 15 minutes and getting him to join the squad next season. 





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I still feel Kuol’s problem is he’s young and it has been a huge change for him being away from family. Scotland wasn’t good because they hoped the fellow Australian players would help with the move away, remember this kid and his family were refugees to Australia, so they have been through a lot. Now the change of manager at Hearts totally fucked the whole dynamic for him but he obviously also wasn’t impressing the new manager and I think you will find that played a role in who was actually in for him this season. People also don’t realise he only played half a season at A-League level before moving to Europe. It wasn’t enough to prepare him or show if he was good enough.

If they want recruit players like Garang, we need a second tier European club, so that’s where they go, they are managed the way the club needs and they are not at the whim of someone not worried about NUFC’s assets.


As for Minteh, get the fucker back asap, give him the 99 shirt and let’s qualify for the knock out round of the CL.

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52 minutes ago, toonotl said:

Good stuff. Thanks for the update LTA. Sammy has brought out the best in you. The Eddie Howe of Toontastic. 

Uncle Eddie

Michael Scott Wink GIF

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Harrison Ashby:








In the last game against Hull, Harisson had a brief 10-minute appearance off the bench, was decent, did okay, nothing extraordinary.


I'm disappointed with Swansea here. The player was on a roll, delivering three solid games in a row, only to stumble in one match where the guy in front of them got a red card. Suddenly, Harry is back on the bench again.

I really hope this doesn't become a recurring problem. It's all about opportunities in football, and this player deserves another one to prove themselves.






Garang Kuol:







Didn't catch it earlier, but it turns out they had a game amidst the international break.


Volendam lost 1-0 and got knocked out in the first round. But you know what's weird? Kuol seemed to be doing pretty good in the game, and then, bam, subbed out at halftime. Again!

This is getting fishy. Twice in the last month, he's playing well and then gets yanked off at halftime. What's going on behind the scenes? Something's definitely up.










In their next game, he got 67 minutes in a 3-0 loss but never really got going.

Fuck that has to be confusing, play well, get subbed at half time.
Dont play well, get to stay on the pitch longer...






Yankuba Minteh:





Happy So Excited GIF by TikTok








He's BACK.

Returning from injury, got himself 30 minutes from the bench with the score at 1-1.....














AND within the first minteh, torched his full back, put it on a platter for his striker and got himself an assist.




Continuing exactly where he left off. Enjoy the highlights 








Dropped an interview as well, feel free to have a read, my favourite part was 



"My main strengths as a footballer is my pace. I am able to run quite fast and I like to dribble, beating defenders in one-on-one situations and scoring goals. Dribbling is one of the things I enjoy most when playing on the pitch."




Stick Around Bob Ross GIF by Originals













































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Harrison Ashby:


Harry has unfortunately injured himself and missed out on the last 2 games, originally the Swansea boss said it was a hamstring issue and he should be back in 2-3 weeks but Harry is currently back with us for further investigating. 

Lets hope its nothing too serious and he can get back to playing footy quick smart.



Garang Kuol:







Came off the bench and got 33 minutes in this 5-0 hammering. Honestly... not much to say, he had 5 touches all game, they were completely outclassed. 







Yankuba Minteh:











Continuing his return from injury, it wasnt the best week for Feyenoord as they lost both of their matches last week.


Minteh go to start in the Champions League against Atletico and was Feyenoords best player on the day, although he didnt get on the scoresheet, he played a great game.

A different story on the weekend though against PSV who are currently sitting 1st in the Dutch league, Minteh came off the bench and got half hour but was unable to turn around the game, dropped a mid performance.

After going over the Atletico game and seeing what he did I was ready to say "He's ready!!" but simmered down from the PSV game.

Still going to say it though, lets bring him back in January!! (Sorry Miggy and Murphy)
















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On 06/12/2023 at 23:02, ewerk said:

Your omission of updates on Rodrigo Vilca is glaring.


Suspicious Monkey GIF by MOODMAN



Uhh... Ive been focusing on signings/loanees from the Dan Ashworth era


12 hours ago, Gemmill said:








12 hours ago, ewerk said:

Their is only 1 God, ASM.




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Not the best week for our lads on loan



Harrison Ashby:

Still out injured, can find zero info on what the injury exactly is and how long he'll be out, wonder if this is just a smokescreen and has to do with his game time🤔


In order news, word is that Scotland are looking to cap him, apparently he is eligible through his grandparents. 




Garang Kuol:




Volendam only had 1 game this week, a loss against Feyenoord, Kuol unfortunately played no part in it, unused sub. 




Yankuba Minteh:






Feyenoord got themselves back to winning ways this week, however, Minteh unfortunately dropped a mid game this week against Kuols team. Looking at the stats, never really got going attacking wise and got subbed off at 66 minutes.







Pretty barren week eh? Lets it fill up by seeing what Rodrigo Vilca is up to.


Currently playing for FK Voždovac in Serbias top flight who are sitting smack bam right in the middle of the league in 8th.


Out of the 17 games he's been available, he has a total of 6 appearances,


1 start.


Averaging 30 minutes per game....


No goals or assists...


Zero footage available 


Suspicious Monkey GIF by MOODMAN I dont think he's going to make it @ewerk






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