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Official Loan watch Thread™


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1 hour ago, LongTimeAdmirer said:

Were a top team now and should be keeping a better eye on our lads. Will be updating this thread regularly, feel free to add:good:




Howay then. Update us 

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8 hours ago, Gemmill said:

Good lad.

No Way Wtf GIF by Harlem


7 hours ago, Holden McGroin said:

Nufc.com does this every week. 


2 hours ago, Monkeys Fist said:


Thank you gentleman,


Never been there and probably never will, nothing wrong with having our own thread to discuss our players, fam.



2 hours ago, Howay said:

:lol: What a fucking shit thread. No surprise given the thread starter. 


2 hours ago, Alex said:

Gemmill still owes me a tenner 👍🏻


Nice to see some of the biggest members of my fanclub attending my thread, :good: Howay let me know next time eddie howe slips you some info, should be some riveting (hilarious) reading fella, keep up the good work mate (yer a fucking weirdo).



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8 minutes ago, Christmas Tree said:

I seconda that



Christmas Tree, I have to ask, is your profile pic an impressionist’s take on a bloke wearing a pith helmet having a piss against a tree while somehow standing in a boat?

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