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What are you listening to ?

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Christ, whenever she hears it now, it must send her west. PTSD in the bread aisle in Tesco.

My 13yr old daughter has just come stomping down the stairs and demanded that I “turn that weird stuff off!”     Isn't it meant to be the other way round?

I thought that was quite a big number as well when I noticed it on the third viewing.

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had this recommended to me by a mate who's a big metal fan, (i'm not particularly!) it's a downtempo project by a canadian rocker called devlin townsend (who i'd never heard of!)


not entirely sure how you'd describe it, country/blues/ambient/soundscapes influenced, whatever, it combines in to what is a best new to me album i've heard for some time.

give it a go!....



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Tried that Sam Fender album and after thinking Play God was interesting, his album is bland Springsteen-aping fodder without any of the cumulative experience, both musically and in life, that makes those classic Springsteen albums so powerful. The Killers did anthemic-Boss better on Sam's Town and The War on Drugs has been doing driving, introspective Springsteen better for years He's clearly got potential but it sounds like someone who is well wide of it atm. Check back in 5 years for his best when he has a stronger grasp of his craft and a better band with him. Long after the music mainstream has chewed him up and spat him out. Shame. Still, nice to see a local kid do well and fair play to him for selling out an arena tour off the back of 10 songs. Good luck filling an arena show with it, though.

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SF has got half a dozen good tunes and probably 3 of what I believe the young people term as "bangers" :D


He's not on the same level as say Alex Turner at around the same age but as AH says give him time and we'll see how he goes. He still makes the likes is Sheerin & Ezra look like the manufactured over produced wankstains they undoubtedly are so that's good enough at the moment for me. 


Oh and this :lol:




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