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    You are wrong the mackems have similar protests to Hull nearly every home game, instead of sponge balls they chuck empty bags of crisps and other assorted litter.
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    Fucking hell, I only got Campbell and Ince mixed up man.
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    You’ll find us outside forcing the father of the bride to drink brandy and smoke cigars. Even though he’s a teetotal asthmatic.
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    There's a good bit about how strikers like Defoe (although the example used in the book is Owen) are detrimental to the way a team plays in general in Jonanthan Wilson's* Inverting the Pyramid. The main gist of it is that as the game has evolved just scoring goals isn't enough. Based around Owen himself asking the question "Isn't scoring goals enough?" As you might expect, the answer is no. Owen, as you might expect, was typically lacking in self-effacement when he asked the question, thinking it was enough. It specifically related to criticism from Keegan when Owen was playing for him when the former was England manager. I wouldn't know enough about Grabban this season because I haven't seen him play but it's perhaps noteworthy that even with Defoe's scoring record (and with Grabban even more so I guess) Sunderland were still pretty gash. That's not to put all the blame on Defoe of course but there's a reason that sort of player has become an anachronism - they don't give enough to the team as a whole and results suffer *From Sunderland, as it happens
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    https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/defoe-could-be-back-to-play-against-the-mags.1419689/ Love how that never better than average cunt has been shit at Bournemouth. They made out he was world class, best striker they'd ever seen play for them, better than Sewpa Kev etc and he's gone to Bournemouth and even before his injury been a benchwarmer. The excessive praise he got off of them for his weird relationship with that poorly kid made me sick as well. IAlmost as if they were over-compensating, to scream to the country that they're child-friendly after noncegate.
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    yes, not a fun watch but very well done.
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    I'll give them £50 for Stokoe.
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    As a Canadian this really bothers me, i mean i get that you are disappointed, but ffs, put on your big girl pants and show some class.

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