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  1. The bullshitting shithouse also said something very close to "Mike doesn't understand football and it frustrates him and when he's frustrated he gets angry. When he's angry he makes decisions which aren't er exactly good for the club" So its basically true that he's like the Augustus Gloop of a brat we know he is who has to fuck someone off if he's fucked off. "Trust me" ©
  2. Avoid their gravy thoughbut .
  3. http://maysanfoods.co.uk/stockists.php?area=1 This is the gear y need CT - same stuff takeaways use . Comes as a slab just add boiling water . Widely available at lercal butchers' I've noticed . Gerrit doonya .
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S9ecXWCBCc
  5. Those two last night were like a lobotomised Max n Paddy . Terrible craic .
  6. ^ aye been watching it . strange carry on . sent out onto the naughty step
  7. Trevor Francistracksuitfromamushinshepherdsbush is doing half time analysis on All Jazeera . Says we're relegation candidates . As an aside, he's very oldskool when it comes to conversing with foreigners in that he's obviously of the belief that you have to talk louder for them to understand . Assisted by expressive hand gestures .
  8. At least we've got a few shots away . Albeit from anyone who fancied it . And from whatever distance out
  9. I'd take that wig back mind CT . It's got a hole in it . Eh .
  10. . . that reminds me - I must cut my nails..mmmm
  11. spectre US, specter [ˈspɛktə] n 1. a ghost; phantom; apparition
  12. Pardew press conference clip on Look North just there . Talking about possible transfers blah de fucking blah I quote . . "we work in a small spectre of the market" The Freudian fox
  13. Imagine trying to have a conversation with the fucking Youtube ape
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