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  1. @HF you're willing to pay £100+ pcm for services !? If you're ever after a new window cleaner I'll come and do them for £25 .
  2. The bit where he says he wants away and advises the club he'll settle for a years pay !? Another world mate .
  3. speaking of cunts . . http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/23703265
  4. Great stuff post match from Ricky Lambert Must be an amazing feeling
  5. Earlier this summer Pardew stated that survival was the priority . He has since declared "we need to score more goals" and it's been reported all summer he intends playing 2 up front . He has taken on board criticism etc etc Players have also spoken out at last season's training as being too easy and a fitness trainer has since been brought in . Caulkin wrote a piece a few weeks ago about having interviewed Pardew he apparently showed a 'steely resolve' following last season's damp squib and Kinnears subsequent appointment . Ignoring his first statement , IN THEORY talk has been positi
  6. and is his Da' also banned from grounds in England ? "He's red, he's sound , he's banned from every ground Carra's dad Carra's dad"
  7. Refreshing to see a friendly with a bit of actual 'bite' anyway . . supplied by the sweaties of course . Be a national holiday the other side of The Wall if the result stands
  8. I can help you out with the caricatures Mr Mouse . I'll do the gig for let's say £300 . CASH . I can't guarantee any of my workings will bear a likeness at all but hey, I'll give it a crack What time do you want me there ?
  9. Westside . http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/nile-ranger-living-30-day-2162756?
  10. (From same article as above) He's almost bubbling about owl heed here "It was difficult for me because I was close with Derek (Llambias). I was sad that he went and the circumstances that he went." Cocksuckers .
  11. From .com Alan Pardew interviewed by Mihir Bose in Tuesday's London Evening Standard, in which he gives a Capital -slanted view of the new season, admits to already eyeing the January 2014 transfer window, hopes for FA Cup success and restates the boundaries with JFK: "He (club owner Mike Ashley) alluded to me he was going to bring in a football director. I’m the football manager of Newcastle, which is owned by Mike Ashley. It was Mike’s decision and I abide by that. "Joe (Kinnear) absolutely does not interfere in my management of the team. Being a football manager of this sort of club and
  12. Ah well good luck with it all , it makes sure you Stephen Hawkins type lads get out and see a bit sun anyroad . Was hoping you were gonna be doing something like running a seaside brothel not telling cunts how to reboot . On serious note, good to have an eye ahead with a plan for the future . I used to work in an office plugged into a computer for over a decade , pretty much couldn't get on with it and have since switched jobs to a totally different situation that doesn't involve sitting about with people and things I can't be fucking arsed with for 9 hours a day . Worse dolla
  13. From what I've heard the 'hatrick ball up the jumper' look he's sporting could be a canny stash of all the knickaz of birds from around Jesmond stuffed up there .
  14. I'm picking up what you're putting down 'Tone .
  15. You're off to the Caman Islands aren't you Scobos ? Y lucky lamb ! What's your line of work ifyoudon'tmindmeasking ?
  16. Once he's hung his Predators up he'll only be remembered for having neat hair .
  17. This tied to a cart carry on sounds like something off Blackadder ffs Any footage available like Baldrick , er I mean Ewerk ?
  18. I've got an old Zen in a draw and a similar story to go with it . Was gonna use it in the car . If you'd be as kind as to hoy a link to the charger you ended up buying I'd be very grateful. I'm sure those things only worked with Windows XP as well mind ? Fucking things became 'sealed' once you updated your computer o/s .
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