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  1. im after a spare ticket for this, anyone know of one going? cheers
  2. Im going to this. Leaving at 12 Friday night, clearly need my head checking
  3. Be great too see a fullback beat his man rather than watch danny simpson stumbling forward into people.
  4. Can't take him seriously after 'coffin-gate'. Can't see anyone mentally stable performing such a rediculous .stunt
  5. Amazing really, the NRA's official solution is armed guards at every school. So im assuming any would be killers would head to the local soft play/creche instead. unfortunately theres too many idiots in America to get this legislation changed. Feel sorry for the families who have suffered such hardship and pain when any attempt to prevent it happening again is being blocked by knackers
  6. We'd have had a field day if we had a right back who could attack or put a decent cross in. Not signing debuchy was a massive fuck up. Its costing us massively
  7. Just bought das boot, heard its good. Ill try and watch it this week and leave feedback
  8. Haha poor young man. Hasn't got much going for him has he.
  9. the mackems must be kicking themselves about last night. Look at the teams through to the quarters
  10. What an utter bellend. laughing like a total prick.
  11. Dunno where rockyroads attitude stems from.My understanding is that Fish is correct and the contract between the tyne and wear transport services and northumbria police is that free transport can be taken up but if it is, that officer is expected to take action if required whilst using the transport.
  12. I tend to go with branded tv's like. If its for gaming u'l want a good response time too. 26in isnt very big either
  13. Very good mood. Just spent the weekend in harrogate staying at the hotel du vin (rooms great, food shite) was in york on Monday got a call saying i got a new job as a programmer which i wasnt expecting . Also off for the rest of this week. Good times
  14. Ct have you cheeked your interest speed onur phone or laptop connected by wifi to the router? Id see if they take ages on vuze and posting on here. If they Dont. Try running malwarebytes. If that's clean do a defrag. If its still slow....... Format
  15. The way i see it, they are bedding ferguson into the team on the wing and using him as an impact sub. Remember hes an attacking fullback whos playing wide left at the moment. That could be because ala gareth bale they have realised he can't defend and is far more a threat going forward or because he is Pacey and can be a effective in the latter stages of games with the other team tiring. I certainly wouldn't start him in defence against man utd though, i think hes very suspect defensively. I do agree with (CT for once) that the formation is a worry . With ba's form could they not move cisse
  16. Have a think how often Simpson gets into the opposition box compared to santon then you'l realise 80% of our pay goes down the left
  17. Hatem floats he doesnt stick to the byline. Oh ct how your understanding of the beautiful game disappoints
  18. Astounds me that ct points out the lack of creativity down the left. Since enrique and jonas and now jonas and santon, pretty much everything has gone down that side. How can't u have noticed that?
  19. Williamson gets paid thousands of pounds a week. I cant understand how hes even a professional footballer . Constant hoof
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