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  1. I think the injuries could do us a favour. Mixing it up and giving others a chance. Weve been awful for the most part so it will give those a chance worth something to prove (perch, bigi, marveux) 1nil toon
  2. Has anyone ever met him? In all seriousness he comes across as someone with a severe mental health problem
  3. Noosh opposite the old Bar M (tup tup) in the town. Moroccan food always on groupon. Excellent
  4. Duno if its been mentioned but last time we played in Europe im sure u had to travel with th club to get tickets, so i'd wait for confirmation on that before booking
  5. maicon has gone to city, surely micah richards on loan would be ideal?
  6. Hopefully simpsons last game. Distrubution is the worst i can remember seeing
  7. Im glad they've signed one or two decent players, its boring going to sos expecting to win every year. Might make this years win more enjoyable
  8. Never cry really, but being a dog owner that video got me like as did marley and me. Like has been said, unless you've had a dog you can't empathise.
  9. guttierez oustanding today, alot of people on here been saying hes the one to make way for anita. I'd suggest that isnt the case
  10. Nah, think your wrong here. Its more the fact they havent been able to shift Simpson yet.
  11. Thought we only paid upfront in full these days?
  12. Stevies right, avb's shite. Hes also shit scared of redknapp
  13. Haha that statue man man. It should be entitled 'bitty'
  14. My lass used to work for a travel agent, apparently agents dont buy the rooms upfront from hotels anymore so they dont have a last minute sale to shift them. However u can get late hotel deals direct from th hotels but u wud need to sort ur flight/transfers out
  15. Is that not more to do with work permit issues rather than playing for Holland?
  16. Feel sorry for xisco, looked a class act whenever he played. Get the impresssion they're trying to freeze him out.
  17. Don't see where he fits in if cisse and ba stay
  18. Im off to las americas on friday, how far is it puerto colon?
  19. Aye hes not good enough for us currently even as backup, so if we want to improve he gota go really. When you think of the wages off the bill this summer its a massive amount of money really. Guthrie, Smith, Lovenkrands, Ranger and Best (more than likely) you'd expect a couple of good quality players in to replace them.
  20. Hes championship standard, not even decent as backup at european level
  21. Spends too much time in Perdu. Waste of space
  22. His English is poor, id imagine whoever translated it is having a laugh
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