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  1. They'd take relegation and a win against us as an acceptable double.
  2. Is ( county ) cricket the only sport where the captains can decide ,because neither team is trying to win the game,that the game should stop and stuff the paying spectators.
  3. His decision to tackle was bad,and not unexpected.
  4. When a player for the makems,Quinn was spat at by his own fans when leaving the sos with his wife and family .
  5. until he learns how to hold a player up,he will continue to be a liability.I wouldn't pick him against the smb because they have a number of divers in the team and will target Tiote.
  6. He's had 3 transfer windows to sort things.He brought in Saha and McFadden,who we all knew were useless,and then let them go,because they are useless.Their deluded fans don't help.Every player they sign is a good player,in their eyes.After a steady first game,N'Daye was the new Sissoko.Now they realise he will never be Premier League quality.Last season's player of the year,Bardsley,is now crap,and always was.Last season they were shouting for Colback to be given a chance for England.We all know about the `McClean or Messi ' post last season on rtg.They have even rated Titus this season.Everyo
  7. Makem galactico watch. N'Daye ( the makem Sissoko ) 5/10. Hooked after 77 mins against QPR. £3.5m totally wasted Johnson. 6/10. His seasons top mark. £10m to sign him and now worth £5m. Agent Danny Graham. Bought for £5m. 0 goals in 5 games. Hooked before the hour mark. Some nice close ups on MOTD of Marty's combing style.It sort of goes forward then turns to the right at the fringe.Nice sideburns though.
  8. I know it will never happen because big clubs have never/will never play in the third tier of their leagues but lets say we were relegated to the third tier,we could do what the makems did and erect a statue to the manager who took us down.( Stokoe in the makems case )
  9. 18 years a professional footballer and an average of 21 goals a season.
  10. On the brink of our 131st game in Europe,which is more than 4 games.
  11. I'd like to see Carrol come back with Gouffron playing alongside him and HBA just behind,making things happen.I agree that Tiote is a liability.He seems to think his first job is to act the big man by having a little dig at his direct opponent which does nowt apart from warn the ref a yellow card will probably be needed before the game is finished.If he could be trusted,and i don't think he could,i would ask him to protect the back 4 and nowt else.
  12. To push Cisse or to push him out.Cisse cannot play with his back to goal so the ball never sticks when it's played up to him.He's brainless in the box so never gets into the 6 yd box for tap-ins.
  13. Santon is forever out of position and decides getting back into position will be done in his time.
  14. Swansea are a poor mans Arsenal.Tippy tappy and going down at every opportunity and then complaining about rough-house tactics.Dyer was the worst culprit.The ref fell for it every time. Santon needs to be shown the door come the summer.He cannot defend.Cisse needs to join him.No vision for a front man and one of the best misser of chances i've seen.He thinks it's funny when he blasts shots over the bar.I don't .We don't have a presence up front.Bring back Carrol i say.
  15. It always makes me smile when reading such comments .Marty has shown his contempt for us which will make it even funnier and more satisfying when we beat them and finish above them.He's totally embraced the makem mind. Sunday Sun N'Daye,the makem Sissoko.6/10. `getting better'. Bought for £3.8m and now worth a lot less Sunday Sun Fletcher.7/10. `Close to connecting with crosses'. lol. Bought for £12 m.10 goals in 29 games.Now worth what he was really worth ( £5m ) when balding Marty bought him. Sunday Sun Johnson. 5/10. Bought for £10m.Now worth half that.And to think the makems `s
  16. I thought he left Swansea because he wasn't getting a regular game.Fletcher has scored 10 goals in 28 games this season.Maybe he'll soon be the main striker
  17. Only makems shop regularly in makemland yet we built the metro extension to makemland,with their taxes, to help them experience shopping and nightlife in Newcastle and they don't use it.At times they don't help themselves.I've never been to Gaza but i would think the two cities have a lot in common.
  18. Canny back-up striker,which is all he'll ever be ,because balding marty won't persist with two up front.
  19. Martin Turners Wishbone Ash in Morpeth next Wednesday.
  20. I don't know anyone who shops in sunderland who lives outside the area.Is the place full of £1 shops and charity shops.Are there locals on street corners selling Primark snides.
  21. Alfred N'Daye.aka the makem `Sissoko' 5/10 in the Sunday Sun `Has the physical attributes but can be unsure what to do in possession'.Hehe !! Danny Graham. 6/10 in the Sunday Sun `He led the line well and almost got to a dangerous cross..' ALMOST .Hehe !! Adam Johnson 4/10 in the Sunday Sun `Another game of anonymity and his set-pieces were terrible'.Hehe !! They do make me laugh.Might be best if Ellis Short keeps away from quayside restaurants in Newcastle.We know what happened to Bob Murray
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