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  1. Yes but again, not for the reasons you might be thinking. The issue I had with the mural was that I didn't recognise the people depicted in it as Jewish. I will concede to ignorance of some of the stereotypes there, as I think I did at the time - but I genuinely looked at it and saw 'the rich' and them alone. I can see how this was also a dog whistle, and on reflection I think Corbyn had probably been around the block enough to be wary of that point too (at least more than I was). But yeah, for me that mural was just about the rich divvying up the world and crushing the rest of us,
  2. The book appears to argue that the progressive left has a tendency to ignore or overlook the identity of Jewish people and that as a consequence they are not afforded the same 'protections' of the left wing hierarchy of privilege/oppression. I suspect it says more than that but this was as much of the foreword as I was able to read from the preview. I think this point is fair enough and I have no issue with it - the examples cited are strong and I think I've seen enough to suggest that this is the case anyway. I'm not a progressive left winger though, I don't tend to put a lot of stock in inte
  3. I feel like the lone voice for my view in almost every political argument I'm involved with in here, which is a key reason I've stopped posting so much - so I completely understand that frustration. But as I said at the time, I do think we were broadly talking at cross purposes for the majority of our discussions around this point.
  4. I recall arguing quite a bit that it was a witch hunt that would never have happened under a centrist leader because it wouldn't have been politically useful for it to have taken place - which I accept now is not an accurate vision of it, though I'm nowhere near being fully on the other side of it - and I recall arguing that the organisation that 'independently' reviewed and condemned Labour under Corbyn was also populated by Tories and racists. Which it is. If this had been a storm about black people, trans people, white people, whatever - I would have said the same things, based
  5. Absolutely possible. I suppose if his primary goal for this year is indeed differentiating himself from Corbyn then he has indeed succeeded at that. If he picks up steam from that point on then it will represent a solid foundation, even.
  6. A rather less than favourable analysis of Starmer's first year: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/mar/29/keir-starmer-year-labour-poll-ratings There's a lot in there that I agree with, albeit you could still argue that we're in very exceptional times.
  7. Fair enough essembee Basically a national holiday over at your end I guess.
  8. True I'm not even that sure you could call them a party of the wealthy anymore since 'Fuck Business' became their official motto. So yes, it really does just leave racists and people who I will generously assume pay no attention to the news whatsoever.
  9. There's a new Time Spiral? I'll check it out. Return target creature to the top of its owner's library, right? I know the others really appreciate when MTG is in these threads.
  10. Very much true. But there's just nothing we can do about it principally because the politicians running these parties, even on our side, are more interested in power than they are in meaningful change. There is just no hope of stopping the Tories. Labour could position themselves to the right of Johnson and they'd still not win over Tory voters because, as a collective, they have determined that no matter how shit the Tories are, they will be unwavering. That 40% will stay Tory through thick and thin. And they will win time and time again as a consequence.
  11. Tbf, a lot of the people in my social circles who used to complain about us not giving him a chance are now full converts to our side of the argument. I don't think he's done himself any favours, and it wouldn't surprise me if this was his final job tbh. It's been tragic.
  12. In fairness to UKIP, he's only middling levels of weird - which makes him by far and away the most normal person they've put forward for any election that I can remember. Not all his policies are bad ones in truth but they're also very generic in the main, and almost certainly the 'acceptable face' of more nefarious goals. Not that he's in any danger of actually winning.
  13. True enough - although there seems to be a concerted effort coming to drag Sturgeon through the mud at the moment. I've not followed it particularly and I'm sure she hasn't done herself any favours whatever has gone on between her and Salmond, but I don't think the case for independence should be hanging on her competence anyway. And yet the polls seem to be trending back towards the union again.
  14. It does seem to have become the new, pathetic virtue signal of the current zeitgeist. It'll be up there with poppies soon. All the more fascinating when you consider that it's being used in lieu of policy as a way of appealing to the red wall from all sides of the spectrum. Literally no one should be won over politically by flags.
  15. Anyone have Caulkin's piece on this? Or do we not catch those now he's with the Athletic?
  16. Can understand the point because I don't think any male journalists have been accused of the same sorts of relationships (although they may well have been with May..), but on the other hand she's complicit in perpetuating the regressive kind of thinking that creates these sorts of comments anyway, by supporting a right wing government led by an oversized toddler that rode to power on the back of a 'cultural movement' concerned with bravado, casual racism and misogyny. You reap what you fucking sow. That said, while I don't care remotely about the damage these sorts of comments do t
  17. Really saddened by that news Renton. Words typed on here don't seem to do the situation justice - just really sorry mate.
  18. The most animated debate on here for months has been over which of Yedlin or Manquillo is the least shite. This is where we are as a football club in 2021.
  19. In the interest of fairness, has this been offset by the trade deals secured with Antigua and other such economic titans? With a slightly less sneering tone, how has this drop in trade been reflected within the UK in terms of consumer choices? Have we seen any shortages as a consequence?
  20. Totally this but that showing this morning along with pulling that woman up about her dress is grim even by his standards.
  21. Will the red wall voters care? If not, I don't think it'll get more than a day of attention from Starmer at best.
  22. Does this even really matter? I mean, if it turns out that the takeover could have gone through, that doesn't mean it's suddenly back on the table, does it? I guess I can see an argument that we wouldn't be pursuing this if we hadn't had indications that the takeover would still be an option, but I can also see the argument that Ashley will want to extract some kind of settlement or compensation with or without the Saudis coming back into the picture.
  23. As ever, if you added up all the left/centre left parties (I'll graciously add the LDs to that), we're ahead. Never thought I'd say it but maybe we really do need UKIP back.
  24. Greens ahead of the LDs. That's starting to feel consistent. And I mean yes, it's fairly clear that Starmer isn't pulling up any trees here. Hopefully he's a good campaigner when the time comes but I suspect stuff like this is just going to throw him evermore into the arms of the 'red wall' voters.
  25. And yet very "Britain, 2021"
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