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  1. There's absolutely no chance a left winger could have won this election. We barely scraped over the line with the blandest centrist I've ever seen. However, a left winger would have won the last one. I'm incredibly pleased that Biden is winning this, I'm pleased for what it means for climate change, Brexit, and international/political norms in general. But I don't think that this particular fight is over, and the centre is going to have to very quickly come up with something more coherent and viable than "not trump" if we're going to see off this threat next time out. 4 years doesn
  2. This is a great effort, well done her.
  3. Wolves have created a professional esports RL team. Previously both PSG and Barcelona have too. Wonder how long before Ashley gives us ours...!
  4. Message received ewerk, I'll fuck off.
  5. I am not as convinced about PA as you guys are. Georgia looks more likely to me..
  6. Are you putting AZ back in the Trump category then?
  7. He fucking enraged me every time someone posts him I don't know why, maybe it's cos he's from Durham and therefore vaguely feels like he was our responsibility, maybe cos he used to be a lib dem, maybe because he looks like he's 12 and debates like he's 8, but he pisses me off more than any of the other right wing wackjobs.
  8. Sounds like Brexit tbh.
  9. Does seem like Arizona is on shakier ground than originally thought tbf. Although as ever, that's just from the Trump side - but there's been wariness about it all day really.
  10. Michigan going to Biden... confirmed by CNN at least. Just Nevada now and then we're done.
  11. She was. And Trump looked depressed as fuck In fairness to Trump, he's not done anywhere near as badly as I thought he would... it's a fucking close thing.
  12. Crowder put that out there. Seems to have grabbed a few of their side but I've seen a decent number call it fake too.
  13. They were? I don't remember now. So much of our last election was repugnant that individual aspects don't stand out.
  14. Agreed. Although I think we can at least consider it good from our side tbf, but in the US itself I think this is a fairly empty gesture. They're in serious trouble - two sides, one with an insane vision - the mantle for which I understand is going to be taken up by either Ted Cruz or Tucker Carlson - and one side with nothing to offer except desperately pointing to the other side and saying 'look how bad they are'. The US is genuinely fucked.
  15. I think the closer they get to losing, the more they're prepared to literally try anything.
  16. Biden has nothing to offer anyway, he's nothing more than a 'not Trump' candidate. The important thing is the symbolism behind trump being defeated. It's the first successful counterattack we've made against the populist right, anywhere in the world.
  17. Trump has declared victory in PA No basis whatsoever, naturally, but declared it anyway.
  18. It does feel like we can finally breathe easy. Hopefully this has an immediate knock on effect at our end.
  19. Did Biden declare victory and then call the whole thing into question? I must have missed that
  20. Damn straight. I've spent the last 4 years studying his technique. I'll be off to the Supreme Court shortly
  21. I'm not going to bother getting into this as everyone has had their fun already, suffice to say that one claim I shot down myself and that the overall thrust I was going for was "these are the arguments being put forward". Have at it though
  22. To be clear, as I thought I originally was, these are the claims being made and which I expect to become central to what their argument
  23. The other claim...
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