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  1. They aren't in the promotion spots in the championship after 10 games, averaging less than 2 points a game, then they get pumped 4-0 at home by a team in the lower reaches of the division This all adds up to a team that could beat the French champions PSG, easily Sure, sure
  2. Just read through this thread. What an odd bunch, who seem quite culturally ignorant....god help them if they ever go to a football match (they'll rush home, put on their cardy and slippers and post angrily about profanity ruining a tippetty top sporting occasion). The funny thing is, by TT standards we actually gave them a pretty warm welcome. Anyway best of luck to them as they trek across the internet looking for a place to call home like a lost tribe of Israel. A land of milk and honey where nobody calls you a cunt or accuses you of talking out your arse. Regarding Ed, I feel very sorry for the fella. Back in the pre Ashley days when I was always trawling Newsnow for NUFC tidbits, his nufc blog was ever present in the list of nufc hits. However I never really read his site because his articles always looked like he'd paraphrased newspaper articles only in a less interesting way. Still I wish him well.
  3. My first vinyl purchase was Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. My second was Mahna Mahna by the muppets. Strange these days to think about buying individual songs, the top 20 countdown was everything
  4. A bunch of wankers run by cunts would just about have covered it
  5. This despite the fact we are clearly not being a selling club to ANYONE If we had sold anyone to Saudi for big money, this arse wipe would have accused us of circumventing FFP by stitching up overinflated deals. He'd be better served looking at what Chelsea are up to if he wants to sniff out stinky business.
  6. We all know that the mackems have no real interest in the house of Saud. This is the club equivalent of a disallowed goal for them....nothing we do counts because we're owned by murdering Arabs. Basically they're still chasing relevance in the annual NE top dog trophy even though they havent qualified to enter for years
  7. Yes interesting choice of photo
  8. I'd happily feign injury and have a snooze in the air conditioned treatment room. No cut in pay, mind you
  9. I could make myself available too
  10. I can't imagine why he didn't want to sign for a club owned by Ashley and managed by Steve Bruce. Such a tempting fee too.
  11. I marvelled at her commentary when I listened to a TF podcast. Shortly before turning it off.
  12. Be great if his first name was Ham
  13. I suppose when you dont move further than your mam and dad's attic, or the local playground if you're on a glue bender, the concept of people moving around is hard to grasp
  14. Hey ho. Bit of a reality check there. We never got going but no disgrace in a 1 nil loss at the etihad. Just disappointed we didn't play better and give them a genuine test.
  15. Not sure what happened there cos that looked like a push in the back on Izak and a peno to me
  16. He did Pope for pace. It was at a saveable height and range otherwise tbh
  17. Half time. We've not looked like ourselves at all imo - disjointed and giving the ball away. Surely due a better second half and we're still in it at 1 down
  18. It was in Bucks now officially it's Berks
  19. Lol. I don't disagree Sir John was a cabbage. I only know that quote cos I was forced to study it at school. Slough's still a shithole though (unless they knocked it down and rebuilt it since I lived in the UK)
  20. "Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough It isn't fit for humans now" I wouldn't admit to being from Slough tbh
  21. Indeed It's like a fever dream in comparison to the Ashley era
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