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  1. Periodic relegation is part of our reality. I’d feel massively conflicted if we had a cup run, cos I don’t want either the fat cunts ownership or his choice of manager to be validated. On the other hand I’d love a good cup run....
  2. Expected a hiding and got one. We’re a bottom half sort of team.
  3. I don’t think ashley needs the fans to stay in the PL but he does need them as wallpaper for TV. We won’t be offered the same number of TV matches nor get the same exposure for his shitty company without the ground being packed out. Also the general public realise is something is very wrong when the fans stay away, and pundits cant get away with trotting out the same old shit about how much ashley has done for the club and the usual cliches. He’s proved that by offering free tickets/cheap deals to get people in. Large swathes of empty seats on TV are pretty much the only thing that hurts him and his shitty brand.
  4. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    That won’t be a problem. Your team has to have the ball in order for you to give it away....
  5. I honestly think we’ll only be free of Ashley when he dies. Hope I’m wrong.....would I rather have a middle eastern despot own our club? If he’s going to spunk huge amounts of cash on the team, stadium and facilities, you bet I would. Better than being a zombie club under Ashleys ownership, never aiming for more than survival with nothing to look forward to
  6. Nothing Ashley does makes sense when it comes to us. In his case you can’t use words like strategic and planning except in an ironic sense
  7. Groundhog day tbh. Every transfer window like clockwork....
  8. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    As if thats in doubt. He’d leave us in a heartbeat. And it’d be as funny as fuck, please let it happen
  9. Other games 2019/2020

    We cant hope to compete with a club like Wolves according to the current regime. Or any other club for that matter.
  10. Bruce is looking more and more like Arthur Mullard with each game
  11. January transfer window

    aka “value for money” If we really did spunk 40 million on joelinton, I doubt there will be much spending on transfers if any.
  12. Joelinton

    The articles posted by J69 reminds me of john dahl tomasson, someone who we all thought was a dog shit striker until he moved to a club that actually understood where and how to play him. Im not saying he will have as successful a career as JDT but surely Joelinton can’t be this bad.
  13. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    Players just need to harden up and play through these soft tissue injuries, just like our old skool managers did in their day
  14. Happy New Year

    Happy 2020 everybody! We’re first cab off the rank in NZ. Hope you and yours have a happy and healthy new year and new decade.
  15. Death List 2020

    Shane Macgowan
  16. The Laurent Robert thread

    Robson bandwagon jumper!
  17. The Official 19/20 Cup Run

    I predict this will be a short lived thread
  18. Thatcher and Hillsborough

    Disgusting. Terrible for the families that they will never get justice for what happened
  19. Vile Cunts v Bruce's Band of Bastards

    Surprised it wasn’t more than two. Par for the course really. Assuming the course is a fucking shit show presided over by a pissed up washed up dinosaur with a sheeps head.
  20. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Thats one Alt-ernative
  21. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Hes obviously lost Ctrl
  22. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    This sums up our club now tbh. Staying up is an “achievement”. And staying up is about as good as Bruce will get (fwiw I believe we’ll get relegated by Bruce sooner or later). If you bother to compare Bruce’s record with Benitez, you might see why some people were interested in Rafa’s “rusty bullet-hole”. Other than his good looks and tidy appearance ofc.
  23. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Thats the fella!
  24. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    hopefully they send a meth snorting psycho like the bloke off the first series of Breaking Bad. Who will stick a large knife up his jacksy.

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