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  1. There’s nothing in Bruce’s record to suggest he’s ever been a decent manager over a sustained period, and he’s got worse as his career’s progressed. I see him as the David Brent of football management - having a bit of craic with the lads, trying to impress them with tales of his Man Utd days, while they doss about and take the piss out of him behind his back. I doubt he does much more than watching training and picking the team tbh. The quality of the squad is no excuse for the slack/amateurish football, disorganisation, tactical ineptitude and demotivated/demoralised players. Like
  2. As per usual checked the result on BBC Sport. Didn’t bother with the match. Zero fucks given.
  3. Unfortunately based on past experience, Ashley is unlikely to sack Bruce no matter how bad it gets
  4. All the best for 2021 everybody (NZ first cab off the rank). Hope you have a fantastic year full of good health and happiness!
  5. He’s a gin soaked fat old fraud. Incompetent manager, dreadful football, and at best you’ll get no more than survival. But we said that from day 1.
  6. As if we could attract the likes of Pulis 😉
  7. Careful what you wish for is what thickos say when they’re trying to sound intelligent and relevant. Its a bit like saying “its all about opinions innit” when youve said something stupid
  8. Happy Christmas everybody, hope you’re having a good one!
  9. We can’t complain because we have unreasonable expectations. Like being able to pass the ball, play like a team and give a fuck.
  10. Can’t say I’m surprised or even disappointed. We’re shit and we know we are. At least in NZ I’m spared Bruce’s horrible post match interview - red faced, glassy eyed, high pitched whiney cunt voice and a bunch of shit excuses.
  11. Very sorry to read about this terrible tragedy. Heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
  12. I don’t know why but I thought he would be mint for us. Back in the day when I used to get excited about transfers...and back in the day when there were transfers
  13. I never heard about him during his time with us either tbf
  14. Stephane Guivarche sticks in my memory because he came to us as a world cup winning striker. I think we might have finished his career because I never heard about him after he left
  15. I’ve never taken much notice of WBA till now. Would love it just love it if they got relegated.
  16. All three of them look like tramps on the piss
  17. All of them will be expecting to boost their goal difference against us.
  18. The can was much smaller than I expected
  19. The comments attached to this “Rent boy receives his reward” is my favourite.
  20. The desperate search for relevance in the lower leagues. Everyone’s cup final, everyone’s a MLF, every other club loves us. Except the filthy mags, FTM
  21. Bruce’s biggest sin is that he’s a shit manager. Don’t know why you’re on about Benitez tbh
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