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  1. “Sarker”. It’s called football (because you don’t pick up the ball with your hands)
  2. Medieval is the word that springs to mind
  3. He could do a job, no doubt about it
  4. To put this in perspective, he’s worth more than their football club
  5. They’ve just gone up in my estimation
  6. I know loads. It sounds like all the boer heritage cunts went to the UK. Lucky you…
  7. Kitman


    Shame, he looks really ill
  8. Or lose their heads i’ll get me coat
  9. I’d be sad if Howe left us for England but not concerned. The people running the club now are more than capable of finding a top class replacement. The mackems don’t need to worry either, Tony Mowbray won’t make the short list (or the long list) if that happens
  10. Ashleys trolley dash - beautifully put. I still can’t quite believe those days are over, and we’re talking about the likes of Diaby and Maddison.
  11. My impression was that Ellis was pretty generous with his money, he just made disastrous manager appointments and transfer decisions, thankfully They still hated him for it though. Whilst we were supposed to thank Ashley for turning NUFC into a zombie club, apparently
  12. The idea that the denizens of Wearside give the slightest fuck about human rights in the middle east - or anywhere else they could actually find on a map - is hilarious. If an Arab overlord hove into view waving vast wads of cash to lift them out of second rate obscurity, they would wank themselves silly. Much like I did when PIF rescued us from Ashleys rotten regime. We all know it’s got nothing to do with morals as far as they’re concerned, it’s desperation because it’s us and sour grapes because it’s not them. Like that classy club bollocks, it’s just something to sugar the shit sandwich as we storm the upper echelons of the PL and they drift gently towards the drain. Its plainly not working
  13. He certainly looks in good fettle
  14. Bruce is proof of the adage that it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know that counts. I don’t know who he knows, but I’m certain he knows fuck all about managing a football club.
  15. Yes. And you could add to that annexing territory by force based on the notion of Russian-ness, looting and destruction of cultural and historical artefacts, recruitment of violent criminals into the army (which reminds me of the Dirlewanger brigade), plundering of grain stores to fund the war in ukraine, the list goes on. And thats just the stuff we know about and without getting into the deliberate bombing of civilians or use of rape and torture. The cruelty and indiscriminate brutality of the Russians is horrifying and looks no different to what the Nazis dished out in Poland and Russia. It feels like that to me anyway.
  16. I recall Putin’s justification for the “special operation” was de-nazification of Ukraine. Based on how the Russians have behaved, I can’t see any difference between them and the Nazis, leaving aside the Holocaust of course.
  17. At least he’ll be available when the mackems sack Mowbray around xmas time
  18. 8 wins in 32 matches. If only he’d been given time to turn it around. I blame the fans
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