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  1. dunno about anyone else but avatars are about a third of the way across the page instead of being underneath the username on the left hand side.
  2. I was mint a curbs. Did you play a rule where if it bounced back off the curb and you caught it you got double points? nar - just got another shot as teenagers i played 'survivor' where you and a couple of mates lined up at the end of a row of backgardens and the idea was to be the first to the other end without falling in a pond, getting clotheslined, caught, bit by a dog etc etc.... great fun
  3. Lazarus


    ill start: brian wilson, baseball Gael Givet, blackburn rovers
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solomon_Shereshevskii
  5. cant believe no ones mentioned the original dawn of the dead and the thing.
  6. Im a big fan of his but he's not one the best yet. Give him three 3or4 years of injury free development then we could have one of the best keepers in the league.
  7. weve got 2 options there: 1) consider moving guti to the right side of midfield to help him out. 2) give santon a start on the right (with or without guti on the right also)
  8. 3 points thanks to krul and the ref.
  9. theres always someone hanging around one saying its 'ready to drop' and some idiot will chuck pound coins into it and wonder why it doesnt.
  10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/40191515@N05/...57627647695139/
  11. theyre more of a media player, at least as i understand them i want something thats gonna organise and display the music files but im happy enough for the stock app to actually play the music.
  12. the ivory coast entry should also say 'tiote'.
  13. quickpic is better than my x10 photo software. runfootball is a game. supporter code db89b7 im currently looking for a way to manage and play my music ......
  14. The clarity of the lake's water allows one to see far down The Old Man's length.
  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Man_of_the_Lake
  16. aye - but as said above it would have to be with a paycut, maybe 55k - 60k max
  17. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Geordie-...249004358464383 from the beginning of the blackburn game
  18. i wouldve loved the have seen that juventus team with john charles, boniperti and that little radgi omar sivori
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