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  1. even if its an accident? what about someone like buust who had to retire? would irwin retire too? sometimes accidents do happen
  2. Perhaps? Hes fucking clueless. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/newcastle-u...72703-29272673/
  3. i think that was my first ever mobile - about 1998 ish. got it on orange everyday 50 tariff (50 mins every day)
  4. arnt there a couple of french trialists at the club at the mo??
  5. tavernier went out on loan didnt he?
  6. cant see him playing saturday if hes only just played his first 90mins in 9-10 months
  7. develop in the academy? he's in his mid 20's he's hardly gonna go into the the academy is he
  8. in all seriousness, weve been blessed with some excellent keepers here in recent years. whatever we do in training clearly improves them so perhaps this elliott lad will develop too. however, i fully expect the current regime to fuck this up
  9. thats a friendly welcome compared to what others have had
  10. Lazarus


    that very well could be stress. it can do some very unusual and unexpected things to your body and to your mental health. then again, thoses symtoms could point towards something else. always best to see a doctor if theyve lasted longer than a few days
  11. Cheers Gemmill Had a look at the earlier link last night before i went oot and there all try before you buy software. looks like gemmills 15mins at a time is the best option for a skinflint like me.
  12. you're such a pervert. Now you feel like a cunt Little bit, aye. Sorry Laz Nee bother mate
  13. My stepdads brother lives in boston usa and has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. ive got skype up and running on me mams pc no bother but i thought that as theres a good chance my uncle wont be around much longer it would be a good idea to record the conversations as theyve been chatting today and had a right good laugh about old times and stuff.
  14. Is it possible to record the video calls?
  15. Lead singer for 80's cheesetastic rock band Warrant
  16. there were rumours of us having to pay a big installment of his fee once he played a certain number of games for us which ashley didnt want to do.
  17. what about zambrotta, oddo, desilvestri.......
  18. theyve had a few good full backs in the last few years
  19. there may have been one yesterday as there were loads of kids knocking around including one lad who had his whole head painted in black and white stripes
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