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  1. ive already said that fat fucker isnt getting a penny more off me, not that i was ever a large contributor the the clubs coffers or anything. but that sign will just piss more people off. more people will start to realise that nufc has become nothing more than an advertising medium for sportsdirect. wont be long til sportsdirect sponsor the shirts and all the kit. maybe only then will the majority of fans show their discontent
  2. id have larssen ahead of obertan. rest of them are wank.
  3. Lazarus

    Audio Programs

    what sort of 5.1 player? does it have its own amplification? a dedicated sub? can you change to crossover freq so that more bass goes to the sub?
  4. have you done one of those food diary things to see if anything your eating may be triggering them? mine are related to stress.
  5. i take a tablet called almotriptan for mine, very good if you take one as the migraine is starting. only get 6 in a pack though.
  6. And your evidence for that?... Are you suggesting that black ex players dont want to be managers?.. Andy Cole might not have his heart in it as hes unlikely to need to do a days graft in his life again. 2 from 92 suggests theres something going on iyam. Read what Paul Davis says in the article.... dont have any evidence mate - its just how it sounded to me. im probably wrong
  7. i doubt this rule will come into force and it sounds like there are problems getting black players into management never mind getting them jobs. also, will the fa interview a black manager when fabio buggers off (regardless of this rule), i very much doubt it.
  8. http://www.vidahost.com/uk-shared-hosting £17 quid per year (not inclusive of vat) 5gb monthly bandwidth
  9. Lazarus


    i had a fiddle with linux a couple of years ago - being a complete idiot i found ubuntu the best. but theres loads different distros and live cds you can download so you can try before you install. i found that i just preferred windows
  10. Question: Who is the third best player in the world?
  11. i always had a soft spot for trifon ivanov even though his dad was a stoat.
  12. Deano - your a complete fucking scrotum. Cant really afford what ive donated but what the hell..........
  13. he cant possibly be paid for writing that shit
  14. Aye and hence i reckon the problem with the visa to the US. Our lass's dad grew up there too. thought that was an unpaid dentists bill??
  15. Must admit i like nice texture physics on a woman
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