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  1. Remarkable isnt it. If Rafa stays on after this shambles I'll have added respect for the man. This whole thing is now little more than a test of his patience.
  2. Thats the worst part isnt it, you think he may FINALLY have learnt a thing or two. After getting someone like Benetiz in. His interview cleared that up though and it was pretty clear from then onwards that he's as stupid as ever.
  3. Sky sources understand Everton are trying to take Lucas Perez on season long loan from Arsenal, who are considering the offer. However, we understand the player wants to stick with original plan to go on season-long loan to Deportivo La Coruna. So we're not even in the fray apparently
  4. Draxler wouldnt too them much good at all. Very good player technically of course but they need a bit of bite. Which is what everyone other than Wenger can see for the past 10 years.
  5. True. Like I said havent seen too much of Perez so not sure if he fits that bill.
  6. Aye. Mind you I think Arsenal are pushing us close right now for disastrous management. Selling their best players to rivals. Not getting anyone of significance in. Unable to renew the contracts of their best players. Wtf is going on over there?
  7. I think we might see another one or two of these windows before that happens. Our only hope is a miracle takeover out of nowhere while Rafa is still here.
  8. It was expected. Its till mind numbingly frustrating but it was expected with Ashley. People just keep forgetting what a massive cunt he is.
  9. Havent seen too much of him but isnt Perez more similar to Joselu than Gayle? I thought we'd be looking at someone to compliment the big lads up front. Or add variety to the attack. Speed, making runs and all that.
  10. Yep the likes of Bournemouth making 25M bids now while we ask Southampton if we can loan one of their players.
  11. I'd rip their hands off.
  12. It would be a good decision to sell him, I dont particularly rate him at this level. Rafa's reasons might be different. The point was that in any case its very optimistic to assume that a major chunk of the proceeds would be invested right back into the team given Ashley's history. Still think we should do it though, even if say 10 out of a 15M fee was reinvested. Just dont really rate him. Need someone with a bit more to his game to compliment Joselu/Mitro.
  13. Same here. I'll be surprised if he scores 10. Not good enough for this league. Maybe a decent option off the bench when you need to put two up top to chase a game. That said, Andrew is quite right. Little use assuming any fee would be invested in the squad.
  14. Much needed win, really happy to get it. West Ham were immensely shite mind. Agree with Renton above. Nice to see Ritchie have a good game again. For all the criticism Mitro gets, he manages to maintain a very good strike rate despite never being a regular.
  15. Honestly didnt expect things to be this bad at this stage. Its beyond pathetic but then thats what we can always expect under this regime. Fully expect us to get turned over today as well. West Ham arent doing too well right now but the state of our squad man, shite all around.
  16. Hehe I knew I was mixing that up but couldnt bother to check! Cheers!
  17. Barely a week left in the window and we're hoping to lay off half the squad then get in replacements. Typical nufc efficiency. Queue the excuses about being held to ransom on the last day of the window.
  18. Why in the world are people mixing up Ashley's medium/long term strategy, or lack thereof, of running the club and Rafa's tactics on the pitch? The former is having a significant impact on the latter, of course. But those pointing it out are not necessarily of the view that Rafa's tactics or performance as a coach are beyond criticism at all times. Its to point out the very real context, how Ashley's incompetence and lack of vision are making it extremely difficult for a world class manager to succeed. Thats not to say that Ashley is to blame for a funny substitution, Shelvey being
  19. Guess I'll look into it now Yup, said as much 30 min into the game yesterday. The delivery was really really poor as well. Doesnt bode well with our current plan B of Joselu/Mitro up top. And the midfield seems incapable of getting any service into Gayle.
  20. Seems neglected by his legs, lungs, eyes, throat and a few dozen other body part/organs mate.
  21. Dont think I could survive without his pre match get in the mood tweets.
  22. That was dreadful. Right where we left off in the last pl season. Agree there seemed to be a lack of urgency at times which is surprising. Lots of work needed and no time or support to do it. Gayle useless upfront at this level, especially alone. Perez is useless, Diame is worse. Noone seems to have the slightest bit of quality. Too early to judge Merino though. This season is going to be a shower of shite. Ant made a fair point. Its more fun watching other teams as a neutral. So long since we've had a footballing side, or even one that doesnt disgrace itself on
  23. Which what you'd think as soon as that time sheet came out as well. Yep. Dire stuff.
  24. We've been shite but I thought he's one of the better players today.
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