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  1. Reminds me of going on a night out when I was 17. All the lads were out and we were on our way up to the gate and I went arse over tit on some ice & proper slammed off the floor face first. Because it was the early 2000s and I was a kid I had a pocket full of change, so when I hit the deck it scattered for a fucking mile. I was skint enough to have to pick it up. Punchline is my jeans had separated at the seams....so I had to go home. The first thing I heard after the coins had scattered was... ”hya is that yer new break dance like!?”
  2. Shearer every time for me. He showed his ability as an all rounder footballer with his ability to adapt. Contrast that to the many seasons of shite Rooney offered from midfield playing 30 yard passes over the top but offering little function. Rooney was a great talent although I feel Ferguson let him down in the end & Rooney let himself down. He had the best facilities science could offer but still looked like a lad playing Sunday physically
  3. Why shouldn’t they work more than 48 hrs week are they lazy, am sick of this country and it’s lazy people, I’d be better off on benefits 😡😡😡 *starts fiat 500*
  4. A Boca Juniors player just stamped on a Santos’ players belly, clear as day from every angle & ran over to the ref making the VAR symbol when he blew up. Good luck with that - RED CARD
  5. “You....there, yes you with the cone shaped head”
  6. “If you can’t afford kids don’t have them” A. Bellend writes about how well the country has learned to snarl at the disadvantaged and how Steve Bruce really is doing a good job at a football club pundits universally hate!
  7. They’ll probably make a change when we’re already good as relegated tbh. He’s lost the fans, he’s lost the players. So why do “the board” stick by him? Because they’re lazy and don’t care.
  8. I’d been to see Newcastle Women vs Sunderland at the SOL. Everyone had been checking their phones and we really didn’t think anything would happen despite the progress Stokes was making, it felt delicate. (Because it was ) I had TMS on the way back on the radio and nearly crashed the car when we couldn’t lose & I went mental when we won. I’ve listened to it back a couple of times since & It’s an unbelievable listen.They played it when I was driving back from Scotland and England/Pakistan was rained off & I was proper getting goosebumps.
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