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  1. Sky are also saying it's Tranmere wtf
  2. Since that new conservatory wasn't paying for itself.
  3. Thanks to Castore being a bunch of useless doyles the women have been playing their pre season games in their training gear as there's been no kits provided yet. I thought we couldn't do worse than puma, alas we have.
  4. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    Looking at sticking a sustainiac and a kill switch in the Charvel. God help me.
  5. Yeh they were absolutely hopeless, we made it look easy and waited for our goals patiently. A comprehensive victory that was never in doubt.
  6. Hang on in there Renton. It may get worse before it gets better but it'll get better. It's an easy trap to fall into and an very difficult one to get out of so don't blame yourself & work on plotting a path to recovery. If you fuck up every now & then that's normal.
  7. Does anyone regularly golf on here before I start a thread?
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