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  1. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    It’s so fun to play it’s unavoidable I think Its like a rolls Royce compared to my perfectly good USA standard
  2. Lord forbid people enjoy themselves wait till they see this….
  3. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    Turns out it’s practically new & quite easily the best Strat I’ve ever played & by a decent margin too. It’s the first guitar I’ve ever fallen in love with before it even came out of the case (the case is tweed, with an orange interior which is two of my favourite things ) It’s been sat there a good while so will need a proper set up & the next electrics going over but it’s not really been played much so the core factors that make a guitar work are all there. That picture doesn’t do it much justice but I’m gigging it so under the stage lights it’ll no doubt pop. It’s black and a Strat which is basically the two aspects of a guitar that will show wear so I’ll have to explain that to me relatives if I gig it a few times and it appears a bit worn, it’s just the nature of em! Sounds absolutely legit as fuck & I’ll give it the home/use it deserves.
  4. Deep down the people of Sunderland know it’s not a real city don’t they?
  5. They’ll be absolutely livid
  6. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    I was quite skeptical before we did it and would have rather done digital but it was great fun and really unique. It sounded great listening to it back so I’m looking forward to the sound after a bit of production. Reel to reel sounded like a mental idea to me, each reel is about £90 for a start
  7. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    Yeh he’s massively self critical, but he’s absolutely class. Very Bonhamesque in this fills/style.
  8. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    Aye tbh I’m arsed about names really, I love playing the music and hanging out with the band. Plus the drummer is absolutely class, never played with a one half as good before.
  9. A burglar shagged his wife while he watched according to twitter
  10. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    Scott Hepple and the sun band When shows started flooding in and we got a bit of interest he wanted to change it to a band name but none of the rest of us were really bothered
  11. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    @Blastronaut - I’ll sort you some band stuff out. Bizarrely, after I posted the Scott Hepple stuff in here I joined his band and we made a lot of progress In other news my cousin is gonna give me his late fathers Clapton strat & I’m most sure it’s of the era to have the lace sensors in it. I absolutely loved his dad to bits & I never look to take anything off anyone when they die but I suppose it’s been a couple of years and it’s not being used, I’ll probably gig it and he’d have been buzzing that’s the case I suppose. I’ve told him I don’t want to own it as such…but I’ll play it/use it
  12. I’d love to see yesterdays match thread
  13. Aye you’d hope they’d be getting something decent in. It’s been pisswater for a long time now.
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