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  1. Why shouldn’t they work more than 48 hrs week are they lazy, am sick of this country and it’s lazy people, I’d be better off on benefits 😡😡😡 *starts fiat 500*
  2. A Boca Juniors player just stamped on a Santos’ players belly, clear as day from every angle & ran over to the ref making the VAR symbol when he blew up. Good luck with that - RED CARD
  3. “You....there, yes you with the cone shaped head”
  4. “If you can’t afford kids don’t have them” A. Bellend writes about how well the country has learned to snarl at the disadvantaged and how Steve Bruce really is doing a good job at a football club pundits universally hate!
  5. They’ll probably make a change when we’re already good as relegated tbh. He’s lost the fans, he’s lost the players. So why do “the board” stick by him? Because they’re lazy and don’t care.
  6. I’d been to see Newcastle Women vs Sunderland at the SOL. Everyone had been checking their phones and we really didn’t think anything would happen despite the progress Stokes was making, it felt delicate. (Because it was ) I had TMS on the way back on the radio and nearly crashed the car when we couldn’t lose & I went mental when we won. I’ve listened to it back a couple of times since & It’s an unbelievable listen.They played it when I was driving back from Scotland and England/Pakistan was rained off & I was proper getting goosebumps.
  7. I’d been to the miners gala the day before and somehow ended up having a full night out in Newcastle. Woke up as soon as I could and set off for CLS. Turned up at my brothers door in the same clothes at 10 am, stinking of booze, carrying booze. We had a fun day I put my Newcastle United head on quite early on in the match & fully expected to get beat for the duration. My brother could barely watch the super overs so in the final one he filmed me instead as I ran off into the kitchen celebrating & back into the living room....colliding flush into a door. Painful.
  8. I don’t think Ashley is even paying attention tbh
  9. We were remarkably fortunate but I think that’s what made it special.
  10. Well what happens is when there’s a foul the referee stops the game. Get it?
  11. Sharp fouled him for about 10 yards man, he was dragging his shirt all over.
  12. Yeh it’s a bit strange like but I do like it*. I think it was more the memories for my brother. We had a hell of time! No I don’t remember the 92 final, I was far too young *take the logos off and most men over 80 have about 6 of the same style polo shirt.
  13. Aye I made sure to get him the World Cup winners edition as well! We got to the New Zealand game at CLS but I watched the final at his. It’s pretty much the most I’ve celebrated a sporting event, maybe tied with Rob Lee’s goal at Wembley.
  14. I can’t wear hats haha I got him this one and I dropped it off tonight. He was visibly over the moon, which is nice because I always end up getting him something shit as his birthday is post Christmas.
  15. https://twitter.com/0contextnufcfb/status/1349029829451124736?s=21
  16. I bought my brother one of the 2019 ODI shirts for his birthday and for once im really impressed with the quality of a sports shirt. It was quite dear like all sports gear is but it doesn’t feel so bad when it’s actually decent. I should have got myself one
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