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  1. Cheers Man I got it sorted in the end!
  2. Lmao at that Sunderland fan group btw
  3. Anyone know any good VW repair shops? Deer ran out in front of me yesterday, it was thick fog so I was only doing 20mph thankfully but it's knocked the parking sensor out and shattered the VW badge....the bastard.
  4. If he drives, he drives
  5. Or just don't take the car!?
  6. Drawn at home to Wolves in the cup December 11th! Very hard draw, they're top of the league in the division above. Possibly another SJP match!
  7. And she grew up in DUBAI Tbh Sunlan had the best women's youth system in the country for a good few years. (make your own Chinese takeaway joke)
  8. Just putting a ceremonial cancelling of Fish's comedy career in the schedule. We'll get the charity stuff out of the way first.
  9. All three goals were class tbh!
  10. Ok - It's a straight up Vote between the following charities. Newcastle West/East End Foodbank Cancer Research Sir Bobby Robson/Daft as a brush The vote will take place on Patreon. At some point you'll receive an email directing you to the website and allowing you to vote in the poll. Probably when @andrew gets out of bed. We'll be able to confirm the overall amount etc and will try and organise the donation so it qualifies for Gift Aid
  11. I mean if anyone was getting free tickets it would have been local women's and girls teams - which makes sense. Anyway - I went to SOL for lady mags vs the mackems in 2019. It was £3 in & £1 for concessions. Ive just looked up the crowd...it was 1,168. Which was a decent crowd at the time. However I've been to a few men's matches at SJP with a smaller crowd than 28k. It's a great crowd for any women's game, it's absolutely sensational for a 4th division team. But they just can't say it can they
  12. I mean...they weren't handing out free tickets at all but whatever Great day out, enjoyed myself.
  13. They do know that the Super league idea didn't mean clubs would be leaving the premier league...it meant they'd be leaving the champions league Idiots.
  14. The mackems over there spend an awful lot of time fantasising about hypothetical scenarios where we somehow get fucked over. It was about sportswashing....now it's about exporting brand names? Anyway as countless posters over there have said...."it's all gonna end in teyas man marra n they'll win nowt man" so I don't see what they're worried about
  15. It's actually looking that way...
  16. Aye imagine that being the thing that screws your title challenge up
  17. I think they're probably both of those things
  18. in more moronic news 🗞
  19. Seems to be all of Twitter who aren't old enough to have been around
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