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  1. Fair enough, but in today's economic climate people will find it difficult to afford it year on year...the real die hards have their ST's and have had for decades. What happened at The Emirates may inform what happens at Anfield...after the initial huge wave of interest your more casual supporter (you're counting on these to fill the new seats, those that paid the 5er) may lose a bit of interest if things aren't going so well on the pitch. And LFC haven't (comparatively) really been pulling many trees up lately. Another question is why you've never managed to cram more than 50k in over a season before, even when you had arguably the best team on the planet?...has Anfield always been officially restricted to <50k? Crowds in a lot of cases rose to record levels at a lot of clubs after the re-devlopment of the last 20 years, there'd never been a London club which had averaged over 60k until Arsenal moved to the Emirates, but looking at what LFC have averaged over the years coupled with the economy being on its arse and the teams form being fairly average, I think you'd struggle to find and extra 20k fans paying top dollar 18 times a season at the moment.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19935925 looks like the green light for the re-devlopment of Anfield....the BBC aren't comitting themselves to a figure, but I ddi read 65k at the weekend....fuck knows how they think they'll fill that like but there you go...
  3. Every time Patrick Collins opens his mouth about NUFC I want top put my fist in it...theres some in the media that aren't keen on us, but this bell end actively despises us... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-2217350/Alan-Pardew-Wonga-pals-credit-Newcastle-Patrick-Collins.html?openGraphAuthor=%2Fdebate%2Fcolumnists%2Fcolumnist-355%2FPatrick-Collins.html
  4. Radge(d) is used as an adjective north of the border "that cunts radged"
  5. Get it right, fud was also used 100 odd miles from Glasgow in the Borders, ask anyone they'd tell you am right
  6. So it was abandoned after Drogba made it 2 nowt on the night to the Ivory Coast....wonder if may get re-played at a neutral venue?...... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-19938902
  7. He'd have a few England caps from around then if it wasnt for injury...the only competition was Darius Vassel. When he and Lualua scored in Leverkusen we thought we seen the future .............. we turned out to be wrong though If you see that goal I can be seen in the footage of the crowd celebrating Happy birthday Shola, you don't have to be great to be loved
  8. Didnt he used to play for um err..who was it again Brock?...aah yes, Swindon. Thats it. Reading fans aren't keen on Swindon are they?
  9. Other end of the Stadium of copyright infringement?..... Bookings for the club's bus transport to and from the mackem away game can now be made in person at the SJP box office and by phone (0844 372 1892). Note that there's no online purchase option for bus tickets. Note that NUFC are charging £5 per seat this season (no booking fee). The mackems have made it known that their buses to and from SJP in April will remain free of charge. Just to confirm that Newcastle fans will now be housed in the upper sections of the North Stand - the opposite end of the ground to the one we've occupied previously. However, those traveling by Metro will continue to arrive and depart from St.Peters station. A limited number of extra services have been added to the timetable (times tbc) but with less supporters expected to use the buses, expect delays and overcrowding on the Metro/trains. A police escort from St.Peters to the North Stand will be provided and the planned route will see fans walk across a cordoned off section the main car park (between the river and West Stand) to gain access to the turnstiles. Anyone using their own transport should be aware that they'll be unable to access the away turnstiles if they approach from the east side of the ground. Anecdotal evidence from Liverpool and Wigan's visits to the dark place this season suggests that the North Stand has inferior access and movement compared to the other end of the ground. On the basis that this is the first derby with these new arrangements, it may be worth foregoing that extra pint and going earlier or even biting the bullet and taking the bus to avoid the inevitable teething troubles.
  10. Shawcross looks like a Stevie Taylor type to me, get the ball out, not a lot of finesse. Seems a good enough player, in the England squad. But he's English. In other words not a fuckin chance would Ashley shell out the money required. If we get anyoone they'll b forreign,cheap and young, which sort of rules out Debuchy at 7mill...think if he was 5 we'd do business..he's still at Lille, did anyone else actually come in for him?.. My mate went to see Fulham play Twente the season before last and came back raving about Douglas, this was before we were linked with him. Says he's very well suited to the prem. Only thing with this is the Demba Ba sttuation...cant see him leaving in Jan, but if he does it puts a different complexion on things...
  11. How do Wonga collect their debts once you've defaulted?....do they send someone like Stevie round to take your telly and 3 piece suite away i.e. a bailiff? (when the poll tax was introduced a year early into Scotland the Sheriff's officers sold defaulting debtor's possesions in the street to their neighbours ) Or do you just get rude letters and a pile of CCJ's from the district court? If its letters and CCJ's then you're looking at an I.V.A. which writes off all your debts and you can start again with a clean slate but with an appaling credit history and no doubt loads of bad feeling from those youve let down. Thousands of people live like that nowadays, rightly or wrongly. Sending the bailiffs round is different, its humiliating and scary. Or people can go to the local hardman and have their wits scared out of them by a scumbag for the rest of their lives. I'm not trying to moralise here, but money lenders have existed for over 2000 years and always wiil, theyre a fact of life. Is it fair to say that the morally questionable Wonga are actually the least worst way of going under?....that sounds weasley and mealy-mouthed I know, but for me its probably close-ish to the truth..
  12. Gene you're a moslem, will Demba and Cisse leave because they cant wear the shirt next season? Oh, and paragraphs son, paragraphs....always a help
  13. I think you're right, its fuckin serious this...it affects 4 out of 5 best players, 2 of whom seem pretty devout practitioners of the relegion.
  14. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/newcastle-united/9598023/Newcastle-Uniteds-Muslim-players-told-wearing-Wonga-sponsored-shirts-infringes-Sharia-law.html
  15. If Ed ends up making a cock of himself and Labour at the next election then there won't be any arguments...that fuckin mackem cunt David will be back in the fold before you can say "am only a non exec director!...please vote for me Tyneside!!"
  16. Cameron won't win a majority att he next election....Boris might though, and watching the tories tear each other to pieces over this will be a fuckin scream
  17. Its looking like we've all been played, draw the sting of the fans abuse with the whole "arena" thing, then slide in an even more odious sponsor, who changes the name back again. Thing is about Ashley, theres always a sting in the tail. Can Wonga tag their name on to the stadium after a couple of seasons?...the journos had better have asked them that. He's usually incapable of making 2 good decisions in a row, he needs to spend some fuckin money in January or all this good PR will be wasted.
  18. Of course am not read what I've posted man. Without the financial crash I doubt if Wonga wouldve been big enough to sponsor a dograce at Brough Park. One caused the other. And iyam NR and RBS have caused a lot more misery than Wonga ever will. They know their market, most of whom won't have to google individual voluntary agreement.
  19. Whats that got to do with it though?...Wonga didnt exist till 2007...is that a coincidence?...we didnt utter a dicky bird about NR causing this government to slash everything to the bone which in all likelyhood forces people to go to the likes of Wonga....and as you pointed out theyve existed for a very, very long time in one form or another, and that "market" in particular is usually regulated by fuckin baseball bats. As a group of supporters, we cant stay silent about NR and then throw our hands up about Wonga, its hyporcritcal iyam.
  20. We were sponsored by Northern Rock man I think I'd feel the same as yourself if it wasnt for that inconvenient fact....we havent got a lot of room to talk tbh about morally sound busnesses being associated with the club...iyam Northern Rock caused the conditions for Wonga to exist
  21. Wonga has done roaring trade in the recession, with profits rocketing 269% to almost £46million last year. The company, which only started in 2007, says its success is due to high customer satisfaction and top-notch technology. Wonga offers short-term loans of up to £1,000 and promises to send the money within 15 minutes of it being approved. A stinging annual interest rate of 4,214 per cent is charged, although Wonga dismisses that as irrelevant because it loans cash over much shorter periods. The company was founded by South African-born Errol Damelin, who now lives in London. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2215020/We-wont-step-inside-Wonga-Arena-Newcastle-fans-hit-24m-sponsorship-deal.html#ixzz28nfyWQ00 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  22. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11678/8149199 Xisco returns v Villa tomorrow night....cheers for that Dennis, fabulous value Were there any Wise signings who did ok?.....was Enrique one of his?...
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