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  1. Looks like Reginald D Hunter went down like a lead balloon when he got all "Eddie Murphy"at the PFA do http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/22346517 bunch of precious pricks
  2. Wigan at West Brom on Saturday......Baggies still seem motivated this season, this won't be easy for the pie munchers...if we match or better Wigan's results we're home and hosed regardless of what they do in their game in hand v Swansea. Am daring to think we might get a point at the weekend. Maybe not. Actually, as usual fuck knows whats going to happen
  3. All basically true. But the members of Arsenal's squad in 96 had never heard of him according to Tony Adams book and he was viewed with huge suspicion by the players there who had already won two titles and various cups under George Graham. Pardew was walking into a completely different changing room in 2010. That's changed, but he did get a lot out of Cabaye last season. Theres more to it than Cabaye turning round and saying "show us your medals". I think he's been in the huff the entire season (when fit) because any move last summer was blocked. The club is set up as a "stepping stone", so they'll have to deal with this situation more often than not. Spurs appear to be run on similar lines, but have managed to stay in the top 6 for the best part of a decade. We've been relegated in that time. And we're not in London. All this matters to one extent or another.
  4. The trailed Telegraph story from Luke Edwards..... seems to point the finger chiefly at Pardew's tactics http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/newcastle-united/10026476/Newcastle-United-manager-Alan-Pardew-sees-position-at-St-James-Park-put-in-peril-by-dressing-room-split.html
  5. That's fair enough, but results did turn a bit post January and we played pretty well in Europe iyam. Not sure what it all means tbh, am not sure why with the talent we've got we're down the bottom. Don't know if the likes of Bird's article about cliques may be a bit of propaganda to blame the players rather than Pardew totally. Its probably both, Thursday/Sunday, piss weak squad to deal with it etc etc...what a fuckin mess...
  6. And Wenger achieved next to fuck all as a player too. We'll see what sort of performance we get on Saturday...if its another surrender, its likely that the job is beyond Pardew with the present set of players. Not saying Ant is wrong either, it is possible in the short term to keep a multi national squad happy, Pardew sort of proved it last season himself. If Cabaye and his mates are in the huff due to the criticism after the derby then it reflects badly on them and may go some way to proving that they don't really "get it" as far as local rivalries in England are concerned.
  7. Neville is talking shite to a certain extent. You cant fault the logic of signing 4 or 5 quality players for the price of Chris Samba. But he may have a point if the stories are to be believed about cliques forming. And before you say its not true CT, Simon Bird almost certainly knows better than any fucker on here.
  8. Gary Neville thinks the problem isn't Pardew either, more a basic problem with the overall stragegy at the club...who's responsible for that again?..... http://www.101greatgoals.com/blog/genius-punditry-gary-neville-discusses-the-problems-at-newcastle-united/
  9. CT, do you consider yourself to be a greater authority on football than Alan Pardew? how would you deal with this?..... http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/newcastle-boss-alan-pardew-facing-1860202
  10. We got a draw at West Brom...its not over but its looking grim. One out of the four in most danger wont get more than a point...just got to make sure its not us...Wigan have got the cup final too...
  11. Suppose it depends on Wigan...we may get a point at the weekend, doubt it mind, they've been half decent recently...to be fair to the fat cunt they've never really looked like going down. Allardyce,Carroll and Nolan....all let go by Ashley. You couldn't make that shit up, that and the goal difference swing...
  12. Benteke is making me worry about Carroll on Saturday mind...doubt if Yanga's played against a player like him before..
  13. Fuck it. Its still in our hands. Unless Redknapp plays a bunch of kids all desperate for a QPR contract for next season we'll beat them.
  14. This lad needs a lesson in how to use nouns. Or am I just not "down with the kids"?....
  15. Mackems got Stoke next Monday, next night is Wigan's game in hand v Swansea....things may be a lot clearer then...
  16. Someone mentioned Steve Clark to me as a possible replacement earlier....remember what happened to Bolton when Sturridge went back to Chelsea?...straight down the next season when they failed to replace him....for Sturrigde read Lukaku I reckon, he's carrying a pretty bog standard bunch, so its a no from me on that one Brian....
  17. Don't lower yourselves man.....you'll hate yourselves if when we beat QPR.....
  18. think Hazard counts as a midfielder....Michu is good but not as good as the 2 strikers theyve gone for. Ivanovich is the complete fullback iyam, and he can play centre half..and score goals...and make the tea for Roman etc etc...
  19. Don't say that when theres razor blades still on sale in the Boldon Asda!
  20. as for that fuckin Guus Hiddink.... Amid much knee-jerk, social media fuelled, outrage it is important to introduce a bit of context. After all, only last month Guus Hiddink – who knows a thing or two about English football – praised Pardew's tactics to the skies and predicted that Newcastle "are so strong they must be in the Premier League's top five next season" after his Anzhi Makhachkala ensemble were knocked out of the Europa League by the Tynesiders http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013/apr/28/newcastle-united-liverpool-premier-league-alan-pardew
  21. PFA team of the year... De Gea (Man Utd), Zabaleta (Man City), Vertonghen (Spurs), R Ferdinand (Man Utd), Baines (Everton), Carrick (Man Utd), Mata (Chelsea), Hazard (Chelsea), Bale (Spurs), Van Persie (Man Utd), Suarez (Liverpool). Zabaleta in front of Ivanovich?...really?..
  22. While we're all piling in with "told you so CT" posts from last season: http://www.toontastic.net/board/topic/32493-nufc-summer-transfer-activity-thread/page__hl__%2Btransfer+%2Bactivity Hows that for a prediction CT?
  23. Am in attendance in East London on Saturday....meeting up with a couple of lads from back home, one of whom I've not seen in a couple of decades, supposed to be an end of season jolly up, result not vital for anything, hopefully the sun will shine...think most of us have been at that sort of care free, end of season affair and thouroughly enjoyed it. Don't think this is going to be like that....lets face it, this is going to be fuckin murder to watch. Just got my QPR ticket as well...must be fuckin mental..
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