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  1. BATE Borisov v Fenerbache Inter Milan v Cluj Levante v Olympiakos Zenit St Petersburg v Liverpool Dynamo Kiev v Bordeaux Bayer Leverkusen v Benfica Newcastle v Metalist Kharkiv Stuttgart v Genk Atletico Madrid v Rubin Kazan
  2. 4 hour flight, back 36 hours-ish before we kick off on the Sunday.... My Ukrainian is patchy too..
  3. As ugly on the outside as she is on the inside
  4. All 96 inquest verdicts arising from the Hillborough disaster quashed... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-20772416 Pretty much a formality after the report of the inquiry. New inquests are a fair way off apparently, but they'll get done and anyone found to have broken the law as a result of the verdicts will face prosecution. Good.
  5. Draw tomorrow.....am favouring Plzen, 50km on the train from Praha Benfica (Portugal) CFR Cluj ((Romania) Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) Fenerbahçe (Turkey) Genk (Belgium) Hannover (Germany) Lazio (Italy) Lyon (France) Metalist (Ukraine) Olympiakos (Greece) Rubin Kazan (Russia) Steaua Bucuresti (Romania) Viktoria Plzen (Czech Republic)
  6. I think thats where the now infamous "your support is fuckin shit" was coined; its certainly the first time I heard it. That was one of the only times it was justified. Now its rolled out for a tiny club's fans from a little known Atlantic island.
  7. So who gains by having a yes man then?.... you and you're alter ego are tying yourself in knots here...
  8. Try Lyon. They dominated for a decade by doing what Ashley appears to be trying here. He looks to have fucked it up though. Which isnt much of a surprise to be honest.
  9. not been paying much attention to Ashley since he's been here have we? Pardew was Ashley's appointment...so who really is to blame for this season?...
  10. still here tinseltits? anybody would think you're just after attention.....
  11. He/she are the only fuckers I speak like that to on here. Its got nothing to do with my job, its his appearance on here and the trolling thats come with it. I dont go on about OOTers, "Singapore Toon" types or anything else like that,mainly because I couldnt give a fuck. Its him/her. If you're having a dig at me it's because you're a bit hacked off at being caught in the crossfire. Think about what you're saying man. Pardew has been poor but so has a lot of other things about the club this season. If you want to go down that road, fine. You're going to receive a lot of flak, as you've probably noticed.
  12. He/she got me early what can I say? But it doesnt detract from what I say...he's on the wind up on an internet forum. If you're starting a Shane type love affair with him because you both think Pardew has become a shit manager in 3 months (especially after the praise you personally heaped on him last season) then you go ahead knock yourself out mate but he's doing nothing on here but wumming and you're the only one to have fallen for it. He's not geniune on this, how can he be, sniping away with no real attachment to the club? And you now appear to be allying yourself with him...quite touching really...
  13. Most of us can. Its a football club we have no real control over. Thats why we got bigger crowds than Chelsea the last time we were relegated. You know and understand fuck all.
  14. Could've been Charlton at Selhurst Park....although I wouldnt put money on it...we played them last game of 86-87...when were they hoyed oot the Valley?...
  15. He doesn't really, but he does give a full answer to something you specifically picked up on a couple of weeks back: Why do you play with the 4-4-2 formation when the team was more successful with 4-3-3 last year? From John Mckean, Walker WE have played 4-3-3 in the last three Premier League games. We have had two defeats and a win. Now we are looking for the balance to get the best out of the team at the moment. When you have a creative force like Yohan Cabaye missing in the midfield it causes you a problem. I think if we had won in two games in a system I thought would give us a platform to go forward with then I would stay with that system. Fulham was the complete example of why the Premier League has to be liquid, why your formation sometimes has to be liquid. We were using 4-3-3 and we were probably playing too high up the field. Then we went to 4-4-2 and we looked so much better for it and I do not think any fan could argue with that. That is my call during the game and before the game it has to be my call to choose the system I think is best to eke out a result out. I did that all last year, but when you are winning those questions are never raised. Many times we went from a winning 4-4-2 performance to 4-3-3 and won. I understand it is going to be questioned and I accept that when results are poor you can go down the line of ‘why don’t we stick with one system?’ or whatever, but we are not winning so I have to try to find a way. Does that help?...some of us said much the same at the time...
  16. As I remember it most folk wondered why we were signing a player who had in the same week failed a medical at Liverpool....then we looked at the fee and understood.
  17. In a way, this could be the model that Ashley is tying to follow. Maybe he didnt think there was enough money on the table early enough for Cabaye or HBA and didnt want to do a deal at the end for fear of getting a Carroll type backlash.
  18. Welsh and Gaelic, for the vast majority of their histories were only spoken, not written down. When ( the almost always English) people started to do so in the 17/1800's I think they took the oppurtunity to just take the fuckin piss with it
  19. Whats the bets we'll see a headline along the lines of "Pardew: Europe not a priority" around mid February
  20. Why sint he getting a game for Marseille anyone know?...did they sign someone to replace him in the summer?...is he cup tied for Europe??!!...
  21. Quotes from Shearer this morning: “Newcastle missed a huge opportunity in the summer.” “Having punched above their weight last season and almost made it into the top four, this was the time to spend.” “The club was up and running again after so many years mired in uncertainty.” “There was once again a feel-good factor and even Mike Ashley was enjoying it, but he needed to put his hand in his pocket and strengthen with two or three quality players.” “The best time to buy is when you are in a position of strength.” “It’s up to Ashley how much he spends, but just look at what Spurs did last summer.” “They pipped Newcastle to fourth place and went out and spent £57M on six players. Newcastle spent £8.1M on three and got a fourth in on a free.” “Nowadays in the Premier League you need to spend £15m just to stand still.” “Newcastle needed to move forward again, particularly with the demands of the Europa League factored into the equation.” “They should be knocking on the door of the top four and occasionally getting in it.” “Sadly the momentum built up by Alan Pardew last season has been lost and what is going on at St James’ right now is starting to look worrying.” Shearer reads TT
  22. Theres one thing being shit. Another thing is not trying. Am not sure about him, but he just seems a bit heartless iyam.
  23. Aren't you lot taught Gaelic at primary school? Same with the Welsh I think...you do have a sort of head start on us Anglo Saxons
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