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  1. Is there a fritz playing called Schoeller or something? Has the Fenham Eusebio found a highly unlikely granny in Nuremburg?...
  2. I thnk all Toonpack has said this morning is that the newco have a mountain to climb before they can even think about putting a team on the pitch, which he says sort of rules out next season. Long term you're almost certainly correct, but a season (or two?) sat on their hands then entry to division 3 of the scottish league is a just punishment, even though it will be self inflicted. The newco being admitted straight back into any league stinks. Its no punishment whatsover, even at a lower level.
  3. The principle in sport is that if you are shown to have cheated to win something, then you are no longer the winners. The Rangers fans can say what they want, they wont change that.
  4. If the players they bought to acheive those honours are proven to have been enticed to the club with illegal contracts then the last 25 years of RFC will count for nothing in the eyes of the SFA rulebook, other Scottish clubs, and their fans. Someone coined a phrase a few years back "financial doping"...thats exactly what this is. Drug cheats are stripped of their medals in the likes of athletics etc so there is a precident for it. What Geoff Hurst's goal in 66 has to do with it am not sure, he didnt cheat and neither did the officials, they made a decision during the course of a game to the best of their abilities. No one cheated in the 1966 World Cup Final, Rangers are accused of cheating the game of football for the last quarter of a century.
  5. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4385272/Rangers-plan-to-buy-Bury-and-play-in-English-League-One.html Its difficult to know what to make some of the commnets left on this article
  6. West Ham for Emile, fuckin nailed on...him and the manager...its destiny...
  7. There was a Ukrainian offside in the build up so he's willing to overlook that piece of piss poor officiating but not the one which said the ball was over the line. Thats why you can't have goal line technology...where do you stop with it?...its got to be all or nothing for me and if play had been stopped correctly for the offside there wouldnt have been a goal to bleat on about. Robot lino's anyone?....
  8. yeah you're right for some reason I took it into my head this morning that its next weekend not this one.
  9. Yeah, but thats irrelevant to the minutely more important issue that Italy have a days more rest over England. Not that it matters too much anyway, both teams have in excess of 10 days to prepare for the game and England dont have any real injury worries. Don't think anyone can complain about the way things have gone, the team have done the business without looking like Brazil in 1970, which nobody was expecting anyway. Italy are ok, but I think we're better and have more options up front. Theyve lost Chiellini with a thigh strain as well apparently.
  10. A beaming Roy Hodgson told @bbc5live that finishing as group winners has exceeded all expectations. Extra 24 hours rest too ahead of Italy@Iandennisbbc Italy played yesterday, so they get a days more rest than we do you fuckin clueless media twats
  11. England play Italy on Mrs PL's 40th birthday. Good. Serves her right for Chris fuckin Addison.
  12. Rooney.....he's done next to fuck all for his country, he got injured in 2004, sent off in 2006, couldnt even help the team to qualify in 2008 and his personal life stopped him from even half decent in 2010. This is supposed to be our one true world class player; unlucky in 2004, fair enough, but he's seldom appeared to actually give a fuck and has been a liability more than once, including getting suspended for the first two games this tournament. He's been brought straight back in as some sort of messiah, so if he fucks up in some way tonight he shouldnt get another chance ever again. On the other hand, Ukraine are shite and without their past-it best player, England should walk it
  13. TEAM NEWS: Ben Arfa replaces Menez for France's decisive clash with Sweden
  14. Dont keep it to yourself Kev, you're amongst friends
  15. dont come the innocent old son, you're fuckin at it! We probably are, (beats me why Liverpool or Spurs havent moved heaven and earth to take Pardew & Carr from us but there you go, maybe Levy and the yanks arent as clever as they think) but not every transfer comes off as well as our recent ones. And it is quite a recent phenomenom; "Newcastle good in the transfer market" wouldnt you agree?...
  16. you're one of the funniest fuckers on here CT, you do make me laugh
  17. Fixtures now with extra "Thursday night channel 5"/"Sunday lunch ESPN" clarity August and early September looks tough. Only Fulham and Southampton away after potential Euro group away games though.....someone at work said manu are away after 5 champions league dates
  18. On April 6, 2009 it was confirmed that Luuk de Jong signed a contract for 3 years with an option for another year with FC Twente. His contract would start on the first of July 2009. He played his first minutes for FC Twente in the cup match against SC Joure, he came on as a second half substitute replacing Dario Vujičević. He provided 2 assists in the 8–0 victory over sc Joure. He scored his first two goals for FC Twente in the cup match against Capelle. 8 mill for a player with no more than a year on left on his contract?....I smell shite if thats the case, but it is wiki and theres nothing to say he hasnt signed a new contract with Twente since 2009. So fuck knows.Linked with Spurs and Benfica this month too. Is he any good?.... 52 goals in the last 2 seasons says yes, Kezman and that fuckin shitehouse Boro signed from Herenveen a few years back says be careful with strikers from the Dutch league.
  19. So say England and France both win tomorrow night....head to head is the same, does it then go to goal difference?....
  20. Using Barney's thinking, could Sturridge mince around the pitch wearing a "GA" bib like the goal-attack girl in a netball team?....
  21. Aye, thats what they say about the rugger buggerers.... Never heard anyone describe a posistion on a football field as " wing forward". Its a posistion from rugby union....is Sturridge a winger or a forward?...
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