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  1. The Prestige....irritatingly twisty turny and barely followable shite if you ask me, only marginally saved by the incomparable Johansson pouting her way through it in her underwear
  2. PaddockLad


    What do you think of the issue in the article i.e. Anjem Choudary fly posting racially imflammortary in inner city neighbourhoods?
  3. I think Nolan and Allardyce missed each other at SJP by a few months, almost unbleiveably he was signed by Joe Kinnear. He got a pay rise (50k a week?...dont quote me on that mind) and a five year deal, which was probably the deciding factor in the deal He shouldnt have been offered that sort of deal by NUFC (his legs have gone, no doubt about that) but there shouldve been a compromise to reward his efforts in the previous 2 seasons, you know,the sort of thing that well run football clubs tend to do...
  4. Joey7Barton Joseph Barton If I wanted to leave, I'd just come out and say "I want to leave" Things need addressing as am not prepared to go through a relegation again "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"
  5. Joey7Barton Joseph Barton And again it would be left to those magnificent fans to pick up the remnants of their once great football club. #hadenoughofcertainpeople 7 minutes ago » Joey7Barton Joseph Barton If it wouldn't effect team morale and cause unrest within the dressing room, am certain Jose's comments would be the tip of the iceberg..... 10 minutes ago » Joey7Barton Joseph Barton If only we as players could tell the fans exactly how it is, without them above fining us lots of money. There will be a time and a place. 31 minutes ago » Oh dear....anyone think he might be angling for a move?.....
  6. Morgan out to the 2nd Indian delivery of a new ball......70 untroubled runs beforehand against part time spinners and other rubbish. then the first time the ball moved he's out. That lad isnt good enough at the top level. Jonathon Trott comes out...as mentioned above that is a bit of a surprise.....and very nearly gets caught lbw first ball.
  7. PaddockLad


    Putting aside that this is another Choudray inspired publicity stunt/wind up (also see his 'plans' for Wooton Basset) how do those who are putting these posters up intend to enforce a 'sharia law zone'?...if they incite violence over this am pretty sure they can be jailed for it like that bell end who wore the suicide bombers vest at some protest a couple of years back.
  8. Blowers nearly had a heart attack on TMS Boycott just saying before Broad's first wicket in that spell : "I saw the lad's fatha this morning and told him the lad should be pitching it oop a bit" He eventually go 4 wickets for no runs in 3 overs. Class stuff...and he's just got them all out for 288. Broad 6-46 in that innings, his best test figures. India lead by 67 and they reckon it will be easier to bat the longer the match goes on.
  9. Had a cracking weekend lined up at camp bestival http://www.campbestival.net/ However, Mrs PL has deigned that now is just the right time to be diagnosed with shingles. Nice. Her coats on a shoogly peg, I don't mind telling you.....
  10. Dumpy's Rusty Nuts Mung Bean Jesus Sandy Beach and the Deckchairs
  11. Over 30, no resale value. What you'd do is irrelevent, its what the club's policy is that is the deterimining factor here. Ashley woouldnt want him at his age, and Bellamy wouldnt drop his wages to 30k (max) to come back to a club where he's despised by at least half the supporters. Unless he's gone fuckin mad since May.
  12. 90k a week. Have a word with yourself
  13. Who in the mind of fuck is going to pay 8million for a player who can walk away in 12 months for nothing? Liverpool will come in with no more than 48 hrs of the window left and offer no more than 4 mill and we'll take it; Iain Harte will come in on loan from Reading and Pardew will release a statement saying he's happy to have such "an experienced player in the squad"
  14. Their '99 divi 3 average is often as exaggerated as much as the mackems following.....29k is fairly good, but fuck knows where they got the 9k extra fans compared with their 19k in the division above 11 years earlier http://www.european-football-statistics.co.uk/england.htm Most of them are ok, got to say that really as I should've been one...mothers from West Gorton, where Shameless was filmed. Proud to say no rags among my family
  15. In a half decent spurs side he how many league goals did he get last season?...2?...9 mill?...hes past it iyam...definetly at that price.
  16. I wasn't neither. I can't think of one good looking jewish person though, always big noses and eyes too close together. Good way to check if that post might be termed dodgy by some...substitute 'jewish' with 'black' and see if anyone calls you racist...
  17. If he was world class I think Barca or Real would be in for him. Cant picture the Real left back but for me Jose's not in Abidal's class. And thats why hes still here. At the moment. Now doing at Liverpool as it looks like Dalglish has had other priorities (what happened to 'building from the back' btw?) and now has to sell to buy. So that leaves which clubs willing to pay an half decent left back 50k a week? And none of the promotion side who stayed after relegation were completely motivated by 'righting a wrong'....a lot of them wouldve struggled to get the same contracts elsewhere. But he is the sort of player we should be hanging on to if we want to progress. Sad really. :-(
  18. 40-50k, not much difference really. The fact is that at 19 when he signed it was a huge contract for a player of his age and experiance. Theres only 2 clubs in Spain that pay that sort of money. That and his twitter outburst may tell us what truly motivates him. I dont really have a problem with that but its the effect all this has had on the rest of the squad. He plainly thought he wouldnt be with the squad in the US and has let us all know how unhappy he is about the situation. I wonder if he wouldve stopped Liverpool getting twatted 3 nowt at Hull over the weekend? :-D
  19. We'd get him on a free! Mike would like that. 9 years after Solano finished him as a player at the top level the day we beat Leeds 3-4.....its not beyond the realms of possibility
  20. Who was in the championship team of the season at left back? Was it the lad we trled to sign from Swansea?..
  21. Thought I'd clipped on mumsnet by mistake its just words on a screen, ffs this place is getting like lord of the flies Lord of the Flies is just words on a page. precisely, so why take seriously the opinions of a bloke you've never met and probably wouldnt enjoy sharing a pint with?...I don't get it...
  22. Thought I'd clipped on mumsnet by mistake its just words on a screen, ffs this place is getting like lord of the flies
  23. I dont think the club have had as much as an enquiry for him so this appears to me to be a pretty clumsy and desperate attempt by jose and his agent to bring the issue to a head...doesnt reflect well on the player like but can anyone blame him for wanting to leave?.....regardless of the ins and outs of it, the lack of ambition at NUFC is sending all the wrong signals to our better players.
  24. good god, youre such a dick From todays Observer: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2011/...lling-tim-adams
  25. All over tomorrow's papers...with Barton's commments as well... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/...fer-policy.html Is moral actually lower now than it was post Orient a couple of years back?....
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