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  1. Best hope is that the Jansen vaccine turns out to effective as that's a single shot one. Last I read trial results due at the end of this month.
  2. Out of interest, did they ask you if you'd had covid-19 and did they say anything when you said you had? I'm wondering if they're taken the chance to research if it makes a difference.
  3. Blanket border restrictions announced - 10 months too fucking late.
  4. Off site or cloud - there are regulations regarding retention which some businesses go beyond - we do, GDPR not withstanding. If the system worked as designed and that was wrong then whoever signed it off is culpable.
  5. Not having backups should be a capital crime.
  6. I reckon Trump got a hard on ordering these last gap federal executions in the last month which shows he's a horrible sociopath and I reckon she'd froth at the gash in the same circumstances.
  7. The way that politics has split generationally as evidenced by polls on forcing home workers back to the office last summer, general elections and of course brexit itself means that a sizeable if not majority proportion of tory voters will love this shit.
  8. Just as the second wave did in 1918. What's that saying about history and lessons again?
  9. No sympathy - it took milliseconds for the 350m to be shown to be a lie so fuck him and anyone else who ever believed a single word to ever emerge from Johnson's mouth.
  10. It's far too late but impeaching him with just a couple of days to go would be funny.
  11. Worst free kick in the history of football there.
  12. Bitter bastard alert. I know it was the correct decision to rescind the red but how can it be fair for at least two games (ours) and Crawley vs Leeds to be played in the same competition with different rules as in the use of VAR?
  13. His apology speech was definitely written by a lawyer - and a proper one at that.
  14. There's no sense of outrage as to how it all works - when I explain to people the true meaning of "estate" in that the Queen actually owns all of the land in England and issues licences (estates) for people to nominally trade in it while maintaining true ownership the response tends to be so what? It would probably take her revoking the licences without compensation for people to wake up but they'd still probably say "Gawd bless her" and not care.
  15. The UK missed out on a revolution - the civil war was a start but it was just a shame that Cromwell was an even bigger cunt than any monarch.
  16. I was speaking to my sister on nyd and she told me my niece who's a teacher and is married to one really wanted the schools to open as they think kids are suffering badly. I agree but I think the current shit storm has to take precedence for a while. As usual though it's the kids with poor or shit parents who suffer disproportionately which is another thing I'd criticise the government for as they've shown no real determination to ensure home schooling is tenable via laptops and or broadband dongles. I'd also say that at the start when they asked for commu
  17. I've seen 13-14m quoted as the number in those four groups - I reckon 20% will refuse it which takes 2-3m off it. I'm either in group 6 or 8 so if they do hit the 2m target I'm hopeful of maybe getting one by the end of march at the latest. Big if of course.
  18. "it's become clear since I said schools were safe 24 hours ago that they are in fact not safe at all".
  19. Thought you were you going to say it was the rich energy Mackem cunt and had got the wrong thread.
  20. I saw the cunt whinging on SSN earlier and did think it was nailed on he was a leave zealot.
  21. He's said they should be the last thing to close which I sort of agree with him on but he has called for a stricter national lockdown as soon as possible.
  22. Johnson is that much of a narcissist he just won't do anything he thinks is unpopular until there's no other choice. Thing is they must know there's large scale support for stricter measures so it must be the tory lockdown wingnuts he's scared of upsetting.
  23. Yes but I'd be wary of them hitting the target if it's a supply driven approach. Pfizer have already expressed doubts saying it's untested - maybe they should keeping doing that one as planned originally for the most vulnerable.
  24. This one dose as soon as possible sounds good but it seems to be pushing the boat out science wise. I'd be happier if they said second within 12 weeks but aiming for as soon as possible after tested gap.
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