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  1. So everything's rosy, don't really give a toss about what happened long ago with the likes of Ferdinand, I can go back to the time when we had Gordon Lee and he sold MacDonald and even further but again, right now it has no impact on the future, and after supporting NUFC for around 50 years you don't have to think about tomorrow, cos it does not always turn out the way you might expect. Just a few points above the bottom 3 and with no real ambition leaves me feeling pretty damn fed-up, maybe I am looking at things all black and not much white, I'd be very pleased if I was proved wrong, but
  2. I'm still conflicted. You're only as ambitious as your last transfer window, and there's only been one complete transfer window since the current scouting system was set up. In it we broke our transfer record for a defender, got some quality at knock down prices and pulled in £12M for a non-international. Ashley is a lying twat bag, who's got a lot of stuff badly wrong, but I'm still not as pissed off with his transfer dealings as many seem to be. The £12m was good business, if you get 50% of success with your signings you do well, I will not argue with any of that, but he is a
  3. Ashley will stay another season because he will have made a profit on his previous transactions. Ashleys definition of moving the club forward is only motivated by profit, and even if we unearth the most exciting prospect and he will generate cah then that player will be sold. Profit is his sole motivation, not interested in anything else. Other thing that will happen, a vast number will not renew their ST, I wonder? If Ashley still owns the club, at least I will be one that will become an armchair supporter. I have already cancelled my direct debit.
  4. Tend to agree with this one and the LM post. If he would stop feeding us bullshit I'd be more impressed, I really don't know who he is trying to kid, certainly not the majority of Toon fans. Also disappointed with the blind faith that he puts in Duff. but TBF. he's not had a lot to choose from. Once again we have been cursed by injuries, but what does that say, is there a deep-rooted problem with our methods, ground etc?
  5. what a very depressing but accurate assessment of our current predicament. we're only going to sign players that even a couple of years ago we'd have turned our noses up at. and yet they will improve what is a pretty piss poor newcastle team Would we have turned our noses up at Jonas and Colo a few years back? Maybe, what knowledge? Hindsight! Consider Xisco and Gonzales, expensive and low in the pecking order, and the latter one on the injured list; never mind we almost got it 50% right. And of course Not allowing for the sale of Milner. All of the comings and goin
  6. Ashley's PR, JFK leaks to the press and the believers believe in Fairies. More bullshit trying to deflect his inadequacies, does he really think he can fool us? Well, some might be fooled.
  7. Just remind me who bought this player. It was always the case, sell to buy, cracking policy............. I wonder how long it is before JFK is pissed off? Does the lunatic not realise what he's signed up for.
  8. Anyone know what's happening with existing players' contracts which are up for renewal?
  9. I agree but it's not just about this, IMO it's the message that will be sent out to the footballing world, confirming how bad we are run, both on and off the pitch.
  10. Fair enough, but i missed it because I won't buy any club items whilst this lot are in charge, never bought so much as a cup of bovril. Mind you I do see the queues getting bigger as each game passes, but I will keep it up, get into the ground at 5 minutes before the match and have a drink at much lower prices before and after the match at local club. Not prepared to pay this bastard over the top for crap quality and poor service.
  11. Was this statement before or after The Shay news? I guess there will be more players on the move............. top 6, surely this is a Joke Kinnear.
  12. I'm backing JFK, he must believe there are fairies at the bottom of his garden. What a blow, this lot of wankers who are looking after our club are totally out of touch with the players and fans. Has JFK totally lost it, because if Shay has had enough you can bet your last penny that there are a lot more feeling the same.
  13. Could have been double figures scoreline, except for the excellent performance from the ever spectacular SHAY GIVEN.
  14. Nothing positive about this game unless you support Liverpool. We were shite in all aspects of the game bar one. It should have been 10 - 1 or whatever number you could think of above 5, except for Shay Given who was called on to pull off some spectacular saves. Thank you to Given for at least saving us from an embarassing double figure defeat. Now that would have been a record in the premiership that we do not want. You can blame the players and JFK, but TBF JFK had little to choose from. Our players yesterday were miles apart from the Liverpool team, and they gave us a lesson in
  15. Couldn't agree more with every word. He'll be laying off staff, buying dirt cheap stock and having bargain sales asap 100% agree, Ashley is a waste of space. I will now cancel my ddr and come next season, if he's still the owner, will not renew my ST. There is no way Ashley will move the club forward. After 50 years supporting NUFC this is the most disenchanted, pissed off and loads more I fail to describe. I refuse to put any more money into Ashley's pocket, even after refusing to spend in his shop etc, I notice the numbers creeping back into his bars, cafes, shops etc. total disgrace
  16. Bring on the Mince Pies.............. let's have more of the banter............... spot on!
  17. although I actually think he doesnt realise the last bit. as scary a concept as that is. I agree, but how do you get their attention. You've tried various approaches, and each time come to a dead end, where do you go from here? BTW I was not one of those who agreed to forgive the rat, I just could not put my name behind that approach, even as a member of NUSC. So what if what you write now touches a nerve with the guy, so what if he ignores us, what has changed? I hope it does have an effect on the rat let's have some fun on the way, I think it's just right. Just keep it up, r
  18. Small price to pay to maintain a little stability, I always thought he'd be here for the season and that we would not be sold short-term. Imagine if JFK left at the end of the month, club not sold and all the turmoil resurfacing, who in the world would work for Ashley's regime? So far only JFK. All I pray is that he keeps us up, at this point I have no further ambition. Each game that I have been to this season has either left me relieved or totally hacked off, and I think that is the only emotion I can expect for the rest of the season.
  19. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty springs to mind. JFK says it often enough and he begins to believe it, what a tossaaaaaaa!
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