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  1. TFFT, our one and only signing, just can't wait to see how long it is before he settles down to the Toon way of bad performances, fighting on the pitch and generally not giving a toss.
  2. I ended up with two bathroom suites and endless itune charges plus an assortment of random purchases including paying the london borough of islington £180. This was all in a period of 2 days and strangely, about the time I paid for my ST. TBF Lloyds transferred them and then I assume wrote them off, and I heard no more. That is the only time I've had any trouble.
  3. Bit before my time, and actually didn't know he had played for Newcastle. But apparently he did a better job, than Pingel and Kristensen. 40 years ago, It was the first cup I saw them lift at Newcastle, apart from the 50's when I was a bairn. Sadly nothing since, and Monc still holds the record, sad record to have. At least NUFC are offering the 69 team a reunion dinner in May.
  4. Well funnily enough you've managed to make it up, thick fuck. He's easily one of the stupidest arseholes I've ever come across. Why does Baggio spout so much rubbish? Where does it say that NUSC calls for a boycott? You are right Baggio, you could not make it up, your'e just not that bright! Turn up to the meeting and have your say, take the democratic approach!
  5. You forgot to mention Preben Arentoft, truly a great Dane, he was in the 69 side that last won us a trophy.
  6. No hope then? I tend to agree with the main article, but how long has it taken to hit the tabloid sun. Even though it's hit a national they are only reported and printed regionally and this will not necessarily be news in the south.
  7. The speed at which they can deal with things by being in the same building will allow them to react and sing and sign these wow players we have all been waiting for. Whether it's the makem press misbehaving or just Kinnear being a total idiot, not much difference IMO.
  8. http://www.sunderlandecho.com/nufc/Kinnear...ival.4901899.jp Complete tosh, who do they think they are kidding?
  9. Don't worry lads, his comeback is delayed, he did not feature in the kickabout with Carlisle cos it did not feel right!
  10. Apparently he left training yesterday on crutches, will not play against Citeh. How many and how often do the players have hamstring injuries??????? TOO BLOODY MANY!!!
  11. will you keep your season ticket ? NO still go to away games ? Very Selective how much do you love newcastle ? All the love, but really don't like them very much 50 years too many, it's over whilst this regime is in place. they're a bunch of total 's
  12. God, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the final deal for me, just shows the ambition of the man. JFK, god bless him, he's making the best of a bad job, he's not quite good enough and add the usual obscene rants and raves he makes to the press, officials and opposing managers just about sums him up. I hate this lot more than the previous FFS.
  13. Is that the one with the Billy Elliot kid in? Aye, and him off Corrie, the eco warrior kid, can't remember his name.
  14. Defiance - about the The Bielski Brothers. You tube has 6 part documentary telling the true story. Sad film, but interesting and well portrayed, how much they struggled against all odds to survive the Germans during WWII.
  15. More shit stirring from the agent, bet he's on a canny cut of the fee!
  16. Steven Taylor says Newcastle handed the Hammers a route back into the game after Michael Owen's opening strike. Steven Taylor: "We have to learn to kill games off. "We're disappointed because of the two goals we conceded. "We keep talking about getting clean sheets, but it didn't happen again. "Once we go 1-0 ahead, we've got to start learning how to kill the game and not leave ourselves exposed, like we did to corners in the first half especially. "They were getting chances on the counter attack, and we've got to look at that and work on it. "At home the lads are look
  17. Is it Possible to park in the Fernhurst, says on thier website 60 car parking spaces?
  18. There-in lies the problem though, are they REALLY a bunch of arseholes, or is everyone just blinded by emotion. We're in the shit along with 75% of the Premiership (if you just look at the league table), we're (according to us), in a tailspin and doomed beyond redemption BUT we're above Spurs who've spent loads, The mackems, who are in their golden age - according to them, and Boro who have the bestest chairman in the world. Our wafer thin squad is performing better than those mentioned despite being top (again) of the physio-room table. Maybe just maybe, it's not all as bad as som
  19. If this window sees us sell Given, NZogbia and Geremi without signing anyone I'll probably become as despondent. For now I'm still able to retain an iota of optimism. Whilst Geremi has been a great player, now he is less than average, too slow and whilst his assists have been good in the past, Saturday he was abysmal. He has lost his athleticsm, that is if he was very athletic in the first place, I'm not so sure. For all of his faults he still has a use at this point in time at NUFC, we need cover. If we do sell anyone in this window it will leave us perilosly short of players, IMO
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